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Fresh Fish with Preserved Lemon Persillade

Three good things:

  • Friends who share freshly caught fish with you (filleted and all!)
  • How delicious preserved lemons are throughout the year…
  • Knowing how to combine the two into a fabulously yummy lunch!
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Fig jam with rosemary & preserved lemon.

Figs are my favorite fruit to use in savory preparations, especially jam– fig preserves are simply elegant with many different kinds of cheese, charcuterie, rustic breads and crisp crackers. 624 more words

Put It In A Jar

Easy Middle Eastern-inspired Coleslaw

Coleslaw!  I’ve been making heaps of this in Summer, right now the markets here are practically overflowing with cabbages big and small.  I think it’s such a versatile and economical vegetable, so easy to braise, stir-fry, roast, or serve as a salad.  833 more words


Chicken Rillettes w/ Preserved Lemon and Chorizo

Rillettes conjure up a fantasy for me. When hunger calls in my dreams, rillettes appear. Their creation uncovers the special idiosyncrasies of lush enchanting lands where fruits and vegetables taste the way they are supposed to taste and meats, poultry and rabbit are raised, fed and killed humanely, which is reflected in the taste too.   1,139 more words


Roasted Smashed Potatoes with Rosemary and Preserved Lemon

I finally did the thing that’s been weighing on my mind for the last year.  I turned 40 years old on Tuesday.  My apprehension wasn’t about the number itself, or the accumulation of tiny wrinkles gathering under my eyes– it was heavier than that.  634 more words


Fennel and Potato Summer Salad

August is here, and with it comes the peak of our produce season. With more and more amazing local fruits, vegetables and herbs to complement our bi-weekly deliveries direct from… 245 more words


preserved lemon and raspberry bundt cake

Greetings! The baking in hot weather continues…

I finally made some time to bake something. It was a combination of not planning ahead, not having a clean kitchen, needing to do other things, not getting enough sleep, and of course, the hot weather, which makes me want to stay as far away from an oven as possible! 531 more words

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