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Nothing is impossible, President Roosevelt shows us !

When we happen to face any sickness of any kind of a health challenge, we tend to think that it is end of our life. This is the worst kind of attitude to have. 543 more words


President Truman: The Moral Dilema

Good day America, My name is Harry Truman. Unfortunately, President Roosevelt has passed away before he could see an end to the great troubles of World War II. 202 more words


Outwitting The Devil

‘Outwitting the Devil’ was written by Napoleon Hill in 1938.  But because it was so controversial, it wasn’t published until 2008, 30 years after his death. 231 more words


Book Review: Forgotten Ally by Rana Mitter

Rana Mitter has his premise exactly correct.  The 1937-1945 war in China is largely unknown and not long remembered.  In 1943, Allied leaders decided that the campaign in China was second tier in their long-term plan to defeat the Axis Powers—Germany, Italy, Japan, and other minor players.  350 more words