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The Elizabeth Warren Hype Escalates

This past April I wrote an article suggesting we would begin to see Elizabeth Warren touted in the news as a 2016 Democrat Presidential nominee favorite, and viable alternative to Hillary Clinton. 630 more words


Why Democrats Should Enter the Class War

This spring, a prominent Democratic pollster sent a memo to party leaders and Democratic elected officials advising them to speak and think differently. The nation’s economy had deteriorated so drastically, he cautioned, that they needed to abandon their references to the “middle class,” substituting for those hallowed words the phrase “working people.” “In today’s harsh economic reality,” he wrote, “many voters no longer identify as middle class.” 484 more words

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The Cry-Out... Loud

I’m having goose bumps. Again! It’s becoming more frequent nowadays, especially with all the confusions (Arabic: fitnah) spreading out of control. Smartphone technologies and social media may have been another milestone in the world’s growth to advancement, but they have also become underlying sources and means of horrendous atrocity. 1,311 more words


Troubled Ballot Audit Features Again in Afghan Presidential Election

Amid fears a third round of elections could spark violence, the two runoff competitors in this year’s presidential contest in Afghanistan agreed to an audit of ballots cast in the second round. 991 more words

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A Cooling News from the Red-White Coalition

Mletiko, 21 July 2014

Dear Readers,

Another cooling news came from Red-While Coalition, the main supporter of Prabowo-Hatta. Muhammad Romahurmuziy, from United Development Party (PPP), said that the red-white coalition is prepared to accept whatever the results to be announced by the General Election Comission (KPU) on 22 July 2014. 27 more words


Subianto a threat to democracy

After an ugly presidential election campaign, Indonesia is set to declare the winner on Tuesday – but that may not settle a simmering dispute between the two candidates, both of whom claim victory. 862 more words

Presidential Election

Indonesian Presidential candidate Prabowo accuses 'The Jakarta Post' undemocratic, jerk

Erik Purnama Putra

PRESIDENTIAL candidate of the Red and White Coalition Prabowo Subianto opened interview with foreign media at the Freedom Institute, Monday (14/7). The Hatta Rajasa pair was accidentally opened the debriefing room for foreign media after the declaration event of a permanent coalition of Red and White at the Proclamation Monument in Central Jakarta. 327 more words