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The Movie and the Reality

In the movie 1776 John Dickinson is portrayed as refusing to sign the Declaration of Independence and then honorably resigning from the Continental Congress to join the army in what he considers to be a futile fight for independence.  162 more words


Is Obama too big too fail? Why is he acting so strangely?

President Barack Obama’s shameless fundraising tours in the midst of a world in chaos have brought immediate comparisons to Ronald Reagan.   Led by his erstwhile advisers, such as Michael Deaver, who understood imagery, Reagan would have been back in the Oval Office, looking presidential and sounding like the statesman he was.   855 more words

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Lincoln the Underdog

The seven Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858 were not really debates by modern standards – one candidate spoke for 60 minutes, the other then spoke for 90 minutes, and finally the first speaker gave a 30-minute response. 403 more words

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Welcome to American Foreign Affairs 39!

This site is dedicated to the study of American Foreign Affairs during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, the United States’ 39th President. 21 more words

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It's the end of America as we know it

Happy Fourth of July. It’s the end of America as we know it.  And by the way, its the end of baseball, motherhood and apple pie as well.  819 more words

Presidential History

Thomas Jefferson’s Enlightened Palate

Thomas Jefferson was always a slender man. He ate sparingly – but what he ate was always magnificently prepared from the finest ingredients available.

Thomas Jefferson was unquestionably born with a brilliant and curious mind. 1,052 more words

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Dolley Madison’s Heartache: Payne Todd

Dolley and James Madison had no children of their own. John Payne Todd was the son of her first marriage.  

Dolley and James Madison Are Wed  1,073 more words

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