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War is Easier

Perhaps President Obama’s decision to use military action, for now limited to airstrikes, increased training of foreign military entities of questionable efficacy and concern for American interests, in the name of thwarting a murderous terrorist group and protecting Americans in the Middle East, is the right thing to do. 231 more words


Sports versus Marriage

Seems like an odd title for a post, doesn’t it? Hopefully, as you read on you will see why I chose that title.

In May of this year, I published my second novel, ‘The First Madam President’. 777 more words

From The Author

Where Are You Mr. President?

In the light of recent events in Ferguson, MO, I am wondering why the president is not going himself to see the state of affairs. 236 more words

In The News

"Presidential Leadership Is A Moving Target": For Republicans, President Obama Shouldn’t Do Anything That Might Make Them Mad

If Ron Fournier’s goal was to generate some discussion with his new column, he succeeded. Putting aside whether readers found his thesis compelling, it’s clearly generated some chatter. 752 more words