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President’s Choice Watermelon Lemon

This is an amazingly refreshing soda. Full fizz but not too sweet. One of my new favorites!

President's Choice



Maple syrup, poutine, peameal bacon – all iconic Canadian foods. But when considering Canadians’ favourites, you can’t leave out the Decadent chocolate chip cookie. They even made a chocolate soda based on it! 7 more words


PC Appetizers - A quick review

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hubby and I decided for a more relaxing night again this year filled with munchies, movies and PJs. It was great. But also, to prevent me from slaving in the kitchen all day for something special, we opted for a few boxes of various frozen appetizers, some of my homemade crockpot marinara sauce (which I will link to if I’ve got a post up about, or will post a recipe for if not). 611 more words


7 widely accepted food additives that may be poisoning your children

Food companies add chemicals into our food to retain freshness, to make it look attractive and to enhance flavour or texture. Most of these additives are approved for human consumption. 684 more words

Wah India

Money: Points, points, points

It seems that everywhere you shop these days there are offers for a points card, a store credit card or at the very least a sign up for our emails for special deals! 637 more words