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John Quincy Adams: A Personal History of an Independent Man — Marie B. Hecht

Marie B. Hecht is the first woman and the second non-journalist (David McCullough being the other) on my list of biographers so far. Born in 1918, she produced 7 books, taught high school history in New York until 1980, and died in 2007. 420 more words


Voting: Why You Should Do It

It’s that time of year again; time to vote! But why should you vote?

The most obvious reason, other than it being a privilege that many American citizens had to fight to receive, are that all of our laws, bills, taxes and budgeting is determined by those who participate. 356 more words


United We Stand: 10 Things I Love About My Country #10: Art & Fashion

FINALLY! I disappeared down a rabbit hole of wedding invite calligraphy and lice removal (unrelated) and haven’t been able to blog as prolifically as I’d like, but the invites are out, and the lice are contained (or at least, I desperately hope they’re contained now) so I can turn my attention to the last topic in our 10 Things I Love About My Country: Art and Fashion. 2,418 more words

Three Places Where Folks Have Been Known To Doodle (2006)

1. At a meeting.

2. Near any telephone.

3. At the White House.


In the book, “Presidential Doodles, scribble, scrabble-

In that favorite pasttime, our Presidents, did dabble!


Washington DC - Day 2 Portait Gallery

Seriously I’ve had to actually crack open WordPress on my MacAir because the internet connection thanks to Norton’s in this hotel keeps firstly blocking my photo Stream from working, then telling me WordPress is blocked because of possible malicious content, then tells me my own phone connected as a hot spot to my iPad is blocked as illegal software – grrrahhhhhhhhhh… 612 more words

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DVD Film Review: The Butler

The Butler isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but features Forrest Whittaker, and is about important matters. 207 more words


A Load Of Malarky

There are times in your life when you become aware of what seems like it should be such common knowledge, that you are embarrassed it took you this long to know it. 165 more words