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If It's Tuesday, Must Be Vaccination Hype Time Again

One would think hundreds and thousands are dying because those self-educated parents are not choosing to get the measles vaccine and endangering all that do get shot up. 2,322 more words

Big Brother

Eye Rolling Wildly, Boxing Injuries, and "Eye Rest" for CRVO

Excerpts about a number of American presidents and their eye problems can be found at http://www.aao.org/newsroom/release/20120213.cfm:

Abraham “Honest Abe” Lincoln had strabismus, also known as lazy eye. 376 more words

Obama's Budget Takes a Left Turn

Obama will be releasing his budget on Monday, and it’s looking like good news for the progressives.  But what does this mean for 2016? 300 more words


Review: 41: A Portrait of My Father ~ George W. Bush

ISBN ~ 978-0553447781
Publisher ~ Crown
No. Of Pages ~ 294 pages
Links ~ Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, has authored a personal biography of his father, George H. 447 more words

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Andrew Jackson

Hello! My name is Lydia Faith Leake, and I’m going to tell you about Andrew Jackson.

The 7th presadent was born March 15 1767, (and the first president to be born in a log cabin) and he died on June 8 1845. 166 more words

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Part III; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty

This is the 3rd part of a 5 part series examining the mass evidence of child slavery and the global power elites.

Part I     Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. 7,490 more words