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Presidents of Honduras, Guatemala: US Partly to Blame for Border Flood - ABC News

Article by Serena Marshall | ABC News

Before they meet with President Obama tomorrow on the border crisis, the presidents of Honduras and Guatemala are out making their positions known today. 158 more words

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See All the US Presidents

Mt Rushmore is a much celebrated American monument in memorial of four of our favorite US Presidents.  But what about all those other men who served as President and left their mark on our collective patriotism? 108 more words


5 Examples Of Recent Hypocritical Political Statements

As the political, economic and cultural divide widens in this country, I’ve noticed more political incoherence among people. There are always good intentions, but many good people blindly suspend rational thought ahead of good common sense. 743 more words

Michio Kaku

Nothing about music in this post, just a video I found interesting enough to share with you all :)



Weird Presidential Facts About All 44 U.S. Presidents Part Two: Christine's Chronicles

 Do You Know Which U.S. President  Passed Gas Then Blamed it on Secret Service Agents?


by Christine Lorraine

March 8, 2011


Weird Presidential Facts About All 44 U.S. 2,112 more words

Christine Lorraine


Pens are much ignored these days. Plastic and cheap, they are always out of ink. We barely acknowledge their use as we sign off on administrivia in its many forms.   708 more words

New post for presidential-power.com: The pocket-veto power of Federal Presidents

The majority of European presidents (as well as presidents in most other countries around the world) possess at least some role in the legislative process. Typically, this is the right to veto legislation, i.e. 42 more words