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The National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc., is the oldest African American women’s organization in America. The association was established in Washington D.C. in July, 1896. 200 more words

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A Century Apart

Today I have been thinking of President Kennedy as it was 51 years ago that he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

I have also been thinking about… 226 more words


The Hand That Holds the Pen

Once upon a time, in the 1980’s through the ‘90’s NBC had a Thursday night primetime line-up of shows that were such power houses at the time, they used to refer to that night as “Must-See TV”.  593 more words


One Little Letter Makes All the Difference

Japanese speakers frequently have difficulty differentiating between the English letters “L” and “R”. This was particularly evident in 1950 when supporters of General Douglas MacArthur (then serving as military governor of Japan during the post-war occupation) tried to encourage him to run in the next US Presidential election. 25 more words


Laziness: the Cause of Boredom

Whenever he had to listen to a long-winded speaker or read a letter that went on and on, Abraham Lincoln would observe, “It’s like the lazy preacher who used to write long sermons; he’d get to writing and was too lazy to stop.”


What Does He Really Think of Him?

“Calvin Coolidge, that runty, aloof little man who quacks through his nose when he speaks.” — William Allen White


No Awards for Presidential Grammar

H.L. Mencken did not hide his dislike of President Warren G. Harding. He was especially loathful of Harding’s mangling of the English language and called such utterings “Gamalielese”, in honor of the President’s middle name, Gamaliel. 147 more words