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A Response to Eric Newhouse

By Jerri Bell

I’d been thinking about submitting work to The Journal of Military Experience, and a few nights ago I finally decided what to send. 2,247 more words

Press Coverage

"If It Walks Like A Duck And........."

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

Yes, I admit it….I am a news geek!  I watch even press conferences to see if there may be something to post about in the future……and the one that the prez had yesterday did not disappoint…  until the rest of the social media I will not write about the color of his suit…to me that is just petty and shallow…. 400 more words

International Situations

blackberry blast

as the summer days count down, we squeezed in some time at Nana’s to pick these marvelously ripe merry berries!

this season, we enjoyed blackberry cobbler for a church picnic, jelly for morning toast (great with coffee!), and “toss in your mouth” healthy but messy snacks. 54 more words

Freedom Of The Press

a house built with love.

well, most of the time, LOL!

it’s moments like this that make me chuckle!

see more of this wonderful family here!

Freedom Of The Press

The Heart Association Summary.

The American Heart Association made a radical reversal of policy Monday in it’s journal, Circulation. It may not sound like a statement of approval, couched as it is in warnings, and with insistence that it is a “last resort”, still, the statement that clinicians may consider advising would-be quitters to try e-cigs, where other methods fail, amounts to a mind-boggling turnaround, given earlier opposition. 545 more words