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'Hatred,' the video game shouldn't exist and is disgusting

When I first saw the trailer for “Hatred”, I didn’t believe it was real game.

I thought to myself, “Why would someone go through the effort of creating a game like this? 991 more words


Press Start: Prison Architect tackles the moral issues of running a jail

Prison Architect is frustrating, confusing and at times, doesn’t really make sense. Thankfully it’s also one of the most fascinating games I’ve ever played.

I purchased the game on a whim when I saw it was packaged into one of… 909 more words


This Week In Gaming – Swing Copters, Walking Dead, & Sim City 4

The creator of Flappy Bird has a new game out, and it may be even harder than his first one! What else is going on in the world of gaming this week? Here’s the low-down!