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Canada Dry

I brought a can of Canada Dry with me

And drank half of it on the way up

To the rooftop terrace.

A sunny day in Seattle… 357 more words


Press Start: Welcome to the world of PC gaming

It’s been approximately 10 years or so since I’ve played a video game on a PC – other than the indie titles like FTL or FEZ – but after my decade long absence from the platform I decided it was finally time to pick up a gaming PC and see how much things have changed. 1,008 more words



I do not see diamonds or a backlit canopy with holes punched in it

When I look up into the night sky,

Nor do I see a boundless blue blanket with toys strew upon it… 195 more words


The Unknown

I have a confession

That I’ll make, if you’ll listen.

I… am afraid of the dark.

Now, don’t laugh! It’s not at all what you think. 363 more words