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Press Start: Welcome to the world of PC gaming

It’s been approximately 10 years or so since I’ve played a video game on a PC – other than the indie titles like FTL or FEZ – but after my decade long absence from the platform I decided it was finally time to pick up a gaming PC and see how much things have changed. 1,008 more words



I do not see diamonds or a backlit canopy with holes punched in it

When I look up into the night sky,

Nor do I see a boundless blue blanket with toys strew upon it… 195 more words


The Unknown

I have a confession

That I’ll make, if you’ll listen.

I… am afraid of the dark.

Now, don’t laugh! It’s not at all what you think. 363 more words


Press Start: Flashy and impressive video game reveals often create unrealistic expectations

On the eve of attending my first E3, an event I’ve wanted to go to for most of my life, an interesting thought occurred to me – sometimes ridiculously impressive E3 trailers, sizzle reels and cinematics, can create unrealistic and impossible expectations for certain video games. 811 more words