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Don't give i to discouragement. Don't stop blogging. Don't shut down your online store.-Pressed this

Before I get started, let me state something plainly and confidently: the Internet and blogging offer the greatest potential for self-employment and supplemental income that has ever presented itself to the average person. 2,702 more words


What is going on with me...

I have been super busy lately and because of that my blog has suffered. Which I am sure none of you needed me to point out. 718 more words


What Programmers Say vs. What They Mean......Pressed This

Working with a website programmer opens you to a new world of lingo-mumbo-jumbo. In as much as you might have a good knowledge of CSS, HTML and other programming languages, it’s quite a theatrical show to feign ignorance, sit back and listen to your hoity-toity programmer(s) say one thing whilst they actually mean another. 13 more words


Don't let that criticism destroy your Artistic Perspective. How to deal with critics of your art -Pressed This



Criticism can come from many quarters; from your roommate, your best friend, your worst enemy, a teacher, an art critic, and more. It can also be hurtful and discouraging, even devastating. 2,220 more words