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People Often Die In Their Sleep. Part 1 of 3

People Often Die In Their Sleep – Part 1 of 3

People Often Die In Their Sleep. People with be in the land of Nod apnea and hard-to-control high blood pressure may see their blood pressure drop if they treat the drop disorder, Spanish researchers report. 201 more words


I am Back After Being Betrayed: An Open Letter About My Depression

Being gone for so long, just didn’t feel right. No blog posts, no commenting, no WordPress simply felt wrong. A year or so ago I decided to quit writing. 542 more words


Thought I was a cougar, turns out I’m a puma

Today is my partners birthday, he’s a few years younger than me which I completely forget a lot of the time. So he’s celebrating making it to a quarter century today, so I decided to do the whole Breaking Bad style of cooking him breakfast… I’m trying to make it a super special couple of days as his family are all up North, he doesn’t really see his friends much so it’s really just me and him. 87 more words

Is there a healthy busy?

I ask this question, as it appears that when I speak to friends and colleagues and ask them how they are, so often they come back with, “I am just sooo busy”, and they are not happy about being busy.  201 more words

Time Management

What I’ve lost, I need to find.

I don’t know when I lost it. When the pressure hit too high. It might have been while I was in my first year of marriage, worrying whether the man in front of me would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. 666 more words


Do you remember who you really are?

Discovering who I really am is my ultimate goal. This summer, with the help of my family and my new wonderful therapist, I have realized that ever since I can remember I have been so afraid to show the world my true self and express my opinions. 1,293 more words

Amaro: Phils "Not Under Pressure" To Make Moves

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Major League Baseball trade deadline is on Thursday and the 46-60 Philadelphia Phillies are expected to be one of the biggest sellers. 401 more words

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