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Revising for Kf2 tests?

There was a story in the news today about chess. Hank Roberts, former president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, thinks chess is good for improving minds – quite possibly true, although there’s an obvious risk of confusing correlation and causation. 656 more words


All Sides of Trusting Blindly

Never trust anyone blindly – sounds simple, right? A separate issue from advocating trust in general, trusting anyone one hundred per cent is usually regarded as poor decision making. 453 more words

The soothing sound of Pressure

Multi-facetted Virgin Islands born singer and singjay Pressure is back with a new album following Coming Back for You, produced by Dean Pond and released in 2009. 251 more words


I'm such a good influence on my bad friends! (not)

Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that spending our time in bad company is justified because we’re a ‘good influence’ on them. If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll likely find you’re motivated by something less honorable. 101 more words



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Peter LeBlanc

Please welcome Peter LeBlanc from Under Pressure Cleani [...] More…

Wedding photography…..eeeepp!!


So… I’ve been asked to do the photography at a friends wedding…(a massive honor of coarse)…but I’m super, super nervous!

 I’ll give you a bit of background before I waffle on, I’ve done a HND in photography a long while ago (I won’t say how long, I feel old just trying to work it out :/ ), so I know the basics and the theory. 721 more words