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Interview with Michael Coughlin

1.) Describe your present ministry. (NOTE: I know you answered this already, added if you want to expand upon it)

I am an active member at Berean Baptist Church in Pickerington, OH. 1,083 more words


Early April 2014 Van Tillian Apologetics Links

Here are the links gathered from the internet on Presuppositional apologetics.

Which ones blessed you?

1.) A Christian Philosopher’s Thoughts On “God’s Not Dead”

2.) … 32 more words


Review: Did Adam Exist? by Vern S Poythress

Vern Poythress is quite the Renaissance man; or more appropriately I should say he’s quite the Reformation man. With degrees in Mathematics from Cal Tech and Harvard balanced with a theological degree in apologetics from Westminster and also New Testament studies at Oxford, Poythress over the years have shown himself to be quite a capable scholar when it comes to discussion of various disciplines from the Christian Worldview.  506 more words


Presuppowhatilism? Prepare to have your brain melted.

So I’ve just hit what is known as presuppositionalism. In a debate with a theist, this beautifully horrific line appeared:

“Unless you start with God, you can’t know anything.”

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Presuppositional Apologetics' Links Round up: End of March 2014

Because of our series on Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalism, we pushed back our regular link round up so here are the links for those interested in Presuppositional apologetics gathered between March 22nd-31st 2014. 61 more words


The Ultimate Page on Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalism

This is an expansion of an “index” to a previous series on Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalism I had about two years ago.  I’m trying to have a “one stop shop” page that has links to everything online related to the tiny niche of Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalism.   365 more words