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A beautiful skeleton

Since I don’t you and you don’t know me, I am gonna speak freely. Do you ever see yourself beautiful, but at the same time you see yourself not beautiful?! 1,025 more words

26 January 2015

They say you should seize the moments, but I think you should let the moment seize you. Life is made up of so many moments, and I think the people that try too hard to be grab all of them, miss a lot of moments. Go with the flow.

The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

I guess if you are on a diet this is not the sandwich for you. Looks pretty yummy to me and an easy snack.


Rainy Day Blues...

It’s rainy today, & I’m really disappointed we are not getting snow. At least if the weather has to be cold, let it snow! But alas, the weatherman has failed me yet again…So I decided to find some inspiring pictures to brighten up my day, & hopefully yours. Enjoy!



Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm

Wow, that’s a mouthful of a name. I find what happens when I don’t Google that and just try to remember it, I almost always forget 1-2 words. 215 more words