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Prevention or Punishment

 I am sure most people have heard this saying before, ” Prevention is better than cure”. 

What I am going to talk about today is which is better, Prevention or Punishment… 138 more words

Increased cyber crime and how to prevent it

A recent survey has shown that the majority of Irish business has experienced some form of economic crime in the past two years.
6 percent of firms affected by cybercrime stated that their losses reached almost €4m, 20 percent lost between €75,000 and €750,000 and 25 percent lost between €40,000 and €75,000. 290 more words

News By Frances Fitzgerald

How to stop scam telephone calls!

Do you know someone that has fallen victim of a telephone scam and suffered financial detriment from it?

The effect of scam calls on vulnerable members of the community is a major problem across the UK, but one that is grossly under reported. 204 more words

Journal Club: PSA screening for prostate cancer

Though some men may benefit from screening, many more are harmed by testing and the cascade of diagnostic and treatment related events that follow.

The ratio of benefits to harms of PSA screening varies noticeably with blood PSA levels at age 60. 135 more words

Journal Club

How HIV is transmitted.

HIV is transmitted by body fluids. These 6 fluids are:

1.) Blood

2.) Semen (Cum)

3.) Pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum)

4.) Rectal fluids

5.) Vaginal fluids… 129 more words

HIV Exposed

The experience of a colleague

Lenin Altamirano, who works at Save the Children Nicaragua in the communication and advocacy department and has a son (2 years old), told us how he lived the earthquake: 434 more words

The headline on the front page of the Sunday Gleaner of April 13 read $9 Million HIV Error and the related article highlighted the story of a young woman who was told that she was HIV positive following a HIV test, only to find out two years later that she was indeed HIV negative. 452 more words