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Incorporating Exercise Equipment Into Pharmacy Waiting Areas, Hospitals/Clinics, Etc.

Pharmacy waiting areas are ideal localities for exercise equipment, like steppers, recumbent bicycles, etc. Customers would be privileged to use of the equipment while waiting for anywhere up to an hour or more for prescriptions to be filled. 91 more words


Cardiology: Risk Factors for Heart Attack

1. Cigarette smoking

2. Age (men 45 years or older or women 55 years or older)

3. Hypertension (blood pressure of 140/90 or higher or taking high blood pressure medications) 28 more words


Myths about Heart

1. All kinds of exercise are good for the heart

Among some of the most common myths related to heart care, according to renowned cardiologist Dr Ashok Seth, is that all kinds of exercise is good for the cardiovascular system. 610 more words

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