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Diaphanous Dreamscape....

΅∼  ೋღ ♥ ღೋ      ∼΅

I look back trying to find illumination…
Seeking my inspiration…
Pivotal points of perception…
I search for my words…
They’ve left me in the desert of my reality… 150 more words


Stand and Salute published in Fat Tuesday, 1995

I pledge allegiance
to dogs that love spaghetti,
engineer hats,
Nat King Cole’s voice,
books that take me someplace… 64 more words



Republished from an earlier poetry blog of mine. Written January, 2010. 


The ocean moves
like a muscle;
the hearts of those of us
born without innate grace… 53 more words

Melody of Silence...

΅〜  ೋ ♥ ೋ 〜΅

Reflections of silence resonate…
Dissonant deliberation…
Among the ethereal scintilla…
Echoes speak in deafening taciturnity…
Melody of Silence…

 ΅〜 ೋღ ❁ ღೋ      〜΅ 38 more words


A Dream

The tinkling of bells awakens me as the sweet smell of incense tickles my nostrils. Although I haven’t opened my eyes, I know where I am. 261 more words

Creative Writing

The day I met .........

My first job on leaving school was in the popular music section of JG Windows in Newcastle upon Tyne. Late one afternoon I was lolling against the counter, fiddling with a roll of sticky tape, one eye watching the clock. 604 more words

Quentin Crisp

Motherhood Above All?

This piece was first published in this month’s issue of India Currents magazine. Weigh in–I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Amidst all the chatter and marketing gimmicks that make up Mother’s Day celebrations, I came across a quote by Ralph Lauren, which said, “My wife Ricky has accomplished so much in her life, but being a mother has always come first.” In this seemingly simple sentence, a globally-renowned fashion icon and figure of our times placed a giant emphasis on motherhood, simultaneously outranking his spouse’s other accomplishments as a human being. 990 more words

Writing Out Loud