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Secrets, as they always are (published Remark, October 2007)

I tell you my secrets
The ones I have never shared
You sit cross legged on the couch… 160 more words



Hurricane Samantha (published Abbey, 1995)

hurricane dreams
invade my personal Florida
the screens on my window
break the air into little pieces
tiny cubes
that arrow in and land around me… 100 more words


Submission Guidelines: Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train is a triannual publication that takes only short stories.

They accept simultaneous submissions as well as previously published pieces, if they fit within certain parameters. 55 more words

Magazine Submissions

More than a "Night of Harmless Fun": Hawaiian-Themed Parties and Cultural Appropriation as Genocide

In January, a student union at my university decided to throw a “Hawaiian night” theme party. When a few students, including myself, raised the concern that it was culturally appropriative (not to mention stereotypical and inaccurate), the backlash was fierce.  1,381 more words

Cultural Appropriation

Book Review: Karachi, You're Killing Me

It is exciting that the scope of Pakistani fiction in English has widened in recent years to include not just highbrow, politically-engaged literary fiction but also more fast-paced and lighter genre fiction. 840 more words


Why I'm Not Wearing Green Today

I’m not Irish. I’m not Catholic. And I can only celebrate one genocide a year, and Thanksgiving fills that threshold (it’s got pie!)
Oh? You didn’t know St. 117 more words

Previously Published

Book Review: The Scatter Here is Too Great

Published in Newsline magazine in February 2014

In Bilal Tanweer’s debut The Scatter Here Is Too Great, the city of Karachi is a full-fledged character, as vivid and alive as the motley crew of individuals that people it. 901 more words