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The Easiest way to Save Money you otherwise would have spent!


A Great Way to Save Your Cash!

Couponing has once again gained the spotlight thanks to hit shows such as TLC’s Extreme Couponing. Many supermarket chains have taken it a step further by incorporating the “price matching” option we have all grown to love.

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Frugal Friday Finds! Vol. 3.

There are some pretty decent deals out there!  Don’t bother looking through the following flyers, because I did it for you.  Here’s what I found so far this week: 200 more words

LEGO In-store Gift Guide

Lego has included a gift guide in stores.  It’s a neat way to find out about the different Lego sets while you’re in the store. 104 more words

Friday Price Matches!

Here are a list of our favorite deals at a few different stores. You DO NOT need coupons! You DO NOT even have to go to the exact store that is having the sale! 130 more words

Le Marte De Walle, or How To Big Box Shop

Today I made my weekly run to Walmart. Even though my dealstealing (this is what I call couponing and sale shopping, because everything needs a cute name) takes me to several different places around town, I still find myself hitting the biggest of big box store regularly for what are usually the lowest everyday prices and widest array of items. 1,841 more words