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Air Rifle Shooting at Oaks Barn Farm

Our Guests this weekend from Price Waterhouse enjoying field Target shooting on the farm, here for a Wedding at Ragley Hall and booked both the Grain Store and Coach House.

Life On The Farm

Causation, Part 13 (1991 amendments to Title VII)

In 1991, Congress responded to several Supreme Court decisions by amending Title VII. Congress inserted language in Title VII making it clear that a plaintiff may prevail under Title VII if she establishes a protected trait was a “motivating factor” for a decision. 254 more words


Causation, Part 12 (Price Waterhouse)

As demonstrated by the prior posts, Price Waterhouse is a complicated decision. A majority of the Court agreed that courts should evaluate motivating factor cases through a two-part framework. 375 more words


Causation, Part 11 (Price Waterhouse)

Three Justices (Justice Kennedy, Chief Justice Rehnquist, and Justice Scalia) dissented in Price Waterhouse. The dissent argued that Title VII’s “because of” language meant the plaintiff was required to establish “but for” cause. 326 more words


Causation, Part 10 (Price Waterhouse)

The last causation post discussed Justice O’Connor’s concurrence in Price Waterhouse. Justice White also concurred in the judgment in Price Waterhouse and offered a different reasoning for the outcome. 269 more words