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Bally's Briefcase Holds Oscar's Famous Envelopes

Switzerland’s luxury fashion brand Bally, synonymous with quality and elegance, plans to spread awareness about its brand, like other fashion luxury brands, allowed by the Academy Awards, to use the red carpet to push its products with A-list endorsements. 88 more words

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Business bosses are griping about regulation in record numbers, and that’s a good sign

Jamie Dimon, the boss of JPMorgan, recently complained that his bank, and others like it, were “under assault” by an army of regulators. He would know—JPMorgan has paid more than $25 billion in fines for wrongdoing over the past few years. 287 more words

Study reveals why we've stopped going to the movie theater

According to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the number one contributing factor to box office declines is the rise in ticket prices. Movie goers expect to get what they pay for, but in their minds, they’re paying more for the same experience that they’ve always had. 57 more words

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Google and PwC are teaming up to help reinvent healthcare for the US military

PwC—short for PricewaterhouseCoopers—is a large multinational professional services network, and the company announced in October of last year that it would begin working with Google to bring “a variety of new and innovative technologies to companies around the world.” Reading that sounds unspecific and, frankly, because Google is always working on new technology, these kinds of announcements don’t really catch the eye of the public. 930 more words

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Moviegoers sound off about what keeps them from buying tickets

Hollywood had a dismal year at the box-office in 2014, but a rebound could very well be in the script for 2015 if moviegoers aren’t too turned off by high ticket prices. 729 more words


The Satyam scandal

The Satyam computers services scandal is touted as the biggest accounting fraud in India done by the chairman Satyam Ramalingaraju and his family members. This scandal came into light when Ramalingaraju confessed that the companies accounts were falsified which caused loss to the investors to the tune of Rs.14,162 crores. 630 more words

Mozambique Oil & Gas: "Country may become world’s 3rd largest gas producer", says PWC

Mozambique has the potential to be the world’s third largest producer of natural gas, after Qatar and Australia, but needs to secure between US$20 billion and US$25 billion dollars in foreign investment, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers consultancy. 202 more words

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