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Learn to Improve Your Top-Line and Bottom-Line Performance by Harnessing Pricing Power


The Strategic Pricing Management Group (SPMG), one of the world’s leading pricing consulting firms, is proud to inaugurate its very first seminar in Manila under The Price Class brand series. 262 more words


Social Sharing

On lostgolfballs.com when you get to cart page they have a clever design element that shows a partial 5% off coupon code—

On click we see this popup— 47 more words


Continuous replenishment, EDLP Pricing Strategy, and Social Media impact on E-tailing

In the previous two blogs I discussed the concept of electronic retailing or e-tailing, and why it is considered to be a more profitable and attractive market than bricks and mortar due to its 24/7 access by consumers, and the elimination of international borders through serving a global market rather than a national one located in a physical location. 1,441 more words

Confronting Transient Competitive Advantage

Supply and Demand based strategy has been undermined.  It’s most basic tenants, sustained competitive advantage based on price and product / feature / territory exclusivity, have been hobbled by globalization and technology.  2,024 more words


Close doesn’t cut it – baseball, gunslingers, and bottom lines

There are a lot of situations in life where being close is really not much different than being accurate:

You tell someone you’re going to pick them up at 1:00 and you show up at 12:54, the nutritional info on the box of crackers says a serving is 9 and you have 10, you refer to both periwinkle and azure as blue –even the most pedantic of people probably wouldn’t notice, let alone call you on any of these things. 432 more words

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