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Lent Devotional: Job 41

Job 41 (click here)
Will you play with as with a bird, or will you put him on a leash for your girls? 6 Will traders bargain over him? 421 more words

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baby steps 4.17.14

I have a math exam in the morning.. And another I have to make up from last Friday. Damn. And I’m ill prepared. Hopefully I manage to pull a B on these exams. 1,159 more words


i miss you mom. 4.14.14

This isn’t to be snide nor scornful. In all honesty, I do miss you.

To care for someone is to acknowledge, right?

Even though I believed my mom hated me, she still had some kind of glimmer of love for me. 736 more words


Lent Devotional: Job 36-37

Job 36-37 (click here)
Bear with me a little, and I will show you, for I have yet something to say on God’s behalf. 351 more words

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Don't Explain

Meeting somebody who has so much pride within them just bug us so much. Like when you meet someone who doesn’t even know how to apologize because he or she thinks they’re right but truth is, they’re not. 636 more words



I’m “A Recovering Catholic”.  As a child in Catholic school, I enjoyed an intense romance with the Catholic church. I was enamored by the pomp and circumstance of it while feeling a bit terrorized as well. 833 more words