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If I appear proud..

I have been accused of being proud. I was told to swallow my pride. It is funny that I only just disabled my “beloved” likes and comments, a day before this accusation came, because I refused to allow the spirit of pride rear its ugly head. 565 more words


Do You See Sin?

Why is it always hard to admit our faults as human beings? I’ve finally finished the Desmond Tutu book, The Rainbow People of God, and it’s a terrifying read. 1,019 more words


Hate Energy

We live in a society where it is easy for other people and organisations to affect our mind and behaviours. Where we focus our energies has power, whether you believe in a superhero power, but energy and projections are very real. 1,592 more words


Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill

I know I posted on One Tree Hill previously but I had to share Nathan’s vows and love for Hayley because it just made me cry. 50 more words


There is No Going Back

Once you are on the path of love, there is no going back. To love others is most definitely insane in an utterly cruel and insane world. 1,085 more words


Pride is the Killer

It’s really crazy,
The way people ruin their lives for pride,
Especially men.

They can hurt you,
Kill you,
Leave you on the side of the road or ruin your relationship and only feel something months down the line. 896 more words



As none can chase chastity

In a smoking cabaret,

So must cabals never chase their hard targets

In churches

A caboose can be seen like chariots… 56 more words