UFC Fight Night 39 – Nelson/Nogueira: The Afterglow

So, that was tough to watch. It was also pretty impressive. In the Battle of the Bigs, Big Country boasts he is bigger.

It didn’t take long for Roy Nelson to reveal that time is not on Big Nog’s side.  991 more words


Marketing Collateral Damage: The UFC's Marketing Department Should Do Better

As an 80s child and growing up in the era of video clubs (not video stores like Blockbuster, but little mom and pop video clubs where you had to pay $10 a month to rent videos), one of the things I found most magical was VHS cover art.  911 more words


Wandering Euan's EuTube Extravaganza: Why Japan Is Awesome!

Two weeks in a row? Is this even possible? Well…yes in fact and also fuck you for even questioning it. As you may have guessed from the title, this week’s WEEE is all about one of my favourite countries in the world: JAPAN~! 273 more words


I'm a Mark & FanBoy for #UFCFightNight: Shogun vs Henderson 2

by @anarchyroll

If you have been a mixed martial arts and/or UFC fan for more than three years, then UFC Fight Night 39 on Sunday has been circled on your calendar for a while. 597 more words


When the Man Comes Around: How Many Encores Does Hendo Have?

In 1998, Johnny Cash won a second Grammy for his second album Unchained under the American Recordings label.  Despite the win, there was scarce, if any, radio play given to Cash leading up to the win despite the fact he was on his unofficial 3rd career comeback after the critical success of the first American Recordings album in 1994.  1,400 more words


Five greatest mismatches in MMA history

MMA fans love an underdog but there’s a fine line between an underdog and a fighter that’s being thrown under a bus against a superior opponent, to boost the superior fighter. 750 more words