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Just a Matter of Pride & Vanity

So, on Friday night, I found myself in my wardrobe, amidst clothes flung on the floor, jewellery spreaded out on my dressing table, shoes strewn along the carpet, and a very frazzled looking, insecure woman staring back at me in the mirror. 2,511 more words


baby steps 4.18.14

I have a math exam in the morning.. And another I have to make up from last Friday. Damn. And I’m ill prepared. Hopefully I manage to pull a B on these exams. 1,159 more words

Pride, the root of every sin and evil [Part 2]

Some synonyms for pride are : boasting, conceit, arrogance, presumption, haughtiness, non-submission, selfishness, being puffed up or vainglory.

A prideful person wants to be the center of attention. 983 more words


Fly ninja, quiet sun and a slightly cheesy moment where I felt proud of myself

Killed a few flies in quick succession at work. I was like a fly killing ninja.
The weather was gorgeous today. It was so lovely walking down to work in the sun and enjoying the quiet of early morning bank holiday. 37 more words

These Are Our Children

The XANAX Approach to Parenting Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood by Jill Smokler

Scribbled portraits with a Picasso edge blanket the hallway walls… 259 more words


Narendra Modi's Gujarat model: It is about economic freedom, innovation, pride

Narendra Modi’s Gujarat model: It is about economic freedom, innovation, pride

Three Easter Songs: Friday

For the pride that drives a man to war
Lets his anger burn
Makes him blind to all but his own cause
For the greed that turns his heart to stone… 263 more words