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It's Been Twenty-Six Years

Last night the home phone rang and I see it’s my Dad calling from work.  This is nothing out of the ordinary as we talk about 3-4 times per week, just to check in and see how things are going.   732 more words


I love my Puerto Ricaness! Yes I said Ricaness because that’s what it is. pure saturated, orgullo Ricaness! I love that I grew up in a day and time where struggle wasn’t always sad and depressing. 686 more words


Make Everyday Count!

Good Morning Everyone! Today’s pic is about making the most out of EVERY SINGLE DAY! We know that Friday is a day when everyone is just trying to get through the day thinking about the weekend to come, but today is still an opportunity for us to push forward with our goals, end the week off strong, and realize our potential! 56 more words


PRIDE: Unlikely Allies

At the end of Pride, there is a dedication from Matthew Warchus, the director: “This film is dedicated to my father…who taught me compassion (and comedy).” If I had only two words to describe the rough beauty of this wonderful film, compassion and comedy would serve perfectly. 966 more words


Red Lights on the Dashboard of Life

I’ve been renovating our bathroom lately. Actually, for two and a half months. It’s looking pretty good, but I’m not very good at this kind of work. 265 more words

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Walk into the Light

In many ancient cultures around the world, December 2012 marked the beginnings of a new age. A transition from a very chaotic and amoral age that ends in darkness. 255 more words