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For all that I cannot undo (poem)

For all that I cannot undo,
my mechanical cold stares,
with your painted face just for me,
reflecting tears in the window glare.

Where my pride became my sweetheart, 130 more words

Thanksgiving Dinner by Me

I’m proud because I got everything done within a few minutes of each other, so there was no threat of anything getting cold before the dinner.  49 more words

There's a Reason It's Not Called "Green Friday"

I’ve always been curious as to why the day after Thanksgiving is entitled “Black Friday.” Apparently, in 1966, the Philadelphia Police Department coined the term to describe the chaos surrounding shoppers, traffic jams, and even violence that occurred at shopping centers and malls to open the holiday shopping season. 426 more words

Environmental Ethics


TAHDON tasapuolista kohtelua kaikille.



It makes sense
The smoke
of submission
no longer
into the room
with a yellow chair.

I can breathe
My belief
in tradition… 90 more words

Creative Writing

Prayers For Bobby : An Original Lifetime Movie

Yesterday, I watched a heartbreaking Movie entitled Prayers for Bobby. The movie stabbed me through my heart. it is one of the most saddest, most tragic stories i have ever watched. 525 more words


Trope-a-Day: Large Ham Title

Large Ham Title: Played straight in formal introductions; everyone from the Empire to relatively local branches issues an assortment of titles, and formal protocol, at least, is to use all of them, or at the very least all that could possibly be relevant, in introductions.  (Remember, pride is a virtue.)