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Unruly Pride

Don’t you wish you could just drop it at your feet and trample it to mush ~ the pride I mean? That unruly, rascal that keeps resurfacing to the top in your life and leading you astray with it’s deception? 221 more words


4 Reminders To Avoid Pride

Pride deceives. Pride perverts. Pride corrupts. Pride brings God’s punishment. And persistent pride brings utter destruction.

If we trace the origin of pride, we’ll see why it is so destructive. 245 more words

Just Let It Go

If I could see my self, I think I would be confused. I had a spirit that could be conceived as being murky and dark, detached and sometimes so deep that even I wondered at times just how long it had been around, it felt ancient. 1,152 more words

Bow or Stand?

On Saturday night God began speaking to me about ‘the wheat and the tare’. As I listened I began researching to find out more about these two very similar yet very different plants. 431 more words


damn what a story.

Now i see what story i’ve got here it’s me, my life and all of you out there and as i told you yesterday i met this girl and i saw something in her eyes but i could not determine what it was but after a good night’s sleep i understood this morning what it was … 154 more words


Thing Called Love

Above And Beyond
(feat. Richard Bedford)

“There was a time, there was a place
But there was fear inside
A witty line to save my face…

126 more words

#12 - You Have Just Swallowed Your Pride...

…and done something you didn’t want to do.  Your friend wants to know why.  The two of you are driving around an almost-full parking garage looking for a space for the friend’s oversize pickup.  401 more words