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Back to the Future

Full of anticipation and hungry for “feel good”, I went to see “Pride” this week. This return to 1984 writ large on the big screen had a curiously magnetic effect on me. 427 more words

Jealous Followers

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you’ve probably realized that I am a huge music fan. I love everything for classical music to soft rock. 1,173 more words


Shade only blocks the sun

It is Pride weekend in Dallas and there is a joy in having that one day when everyone floods the streets in t shirts, outfits, and glitter to name just a few. 622 more words


Pride: There Is Power In The Union

Ordinarily, the more I like a current release, the less I want to write about it. Not through superstition or a kind of hipster snobbery – “no one else should be into this thing because they’ll only like it wrong” is stupid, and with small films actively damaging – but through a kind of fear that, should I express enthusiasm for the thing, ten thousand people will descend at once to explain to me that I am wrong, bad, and On Some Kind of List for having liked it. 401 more words

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That's Just Lovely

Love is boundless, though so often we limit its borders. Love can hurt like a knife in your heart. It can cause a mighty river of tears to flow from the eyes creating floods in the soul. 819 more words

A son's tale...

Hal drew his sword from it’s long sheath
and faced his nemesis on this dark heath
and fought for life and fought till death
his enemy taking his last foul breath.
245 more words