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"A Thanksgiving Hand?"

“Playing Your Cards Right” #4.

Which is it at your house, a Thanksgiving turkey… a Thanksgiving ham… or both?

I dare say for most of us, it is both. 274 more words

I Peter 2:4-12

We are called as a royal priesthood for God; not only that, but we are also a chosen generation and a holy nation and a peculiar people. 252 more words


Should Catholic Priests Be Allowed To Marry?

I’m a Catholic, and have been since I asked my parents to have be baptised at the age of 11. Since then, I’ve grown up with Catholic theology, and it has become one of the largest parts of who I am. 557 more words


Tithing the Widow's Mites

It may be because tithing settlement is upcoming in my local ward, but I recently had my attention drawn to a particular story in the scriptures.  851 more words


The Priesthood - How Powerfull we are

Today was a great day for my mom and my grandmother, as I received the Melchizedek Priesthood. I am my mom’s first child and only son, I am my grandmother’s first grandchild and first male in the family other than my Grandfather to have received the Priesthood. 2,809 more words


Why do I go to church?

I read a blog recently that left me asking the blogger the question “why do you go to church?”  I asked her this question, and I can do no less than ask myself the same question- Why do I go to church, and why the LDS Church? 541 more words

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