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God's Role in MH370 and MH192; The Ugly Side of "God's Plan"

With the recent mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dragging Malaysia Airlines’ reputation through the mud, the accident involving Flight 192 from the same airline on 20th April 2014 undoubtedly drew lots of international attention. 1,101 more words


Economist 4/20/14

  1. Queues, traffic jams, missed deadlines and other delays have been so ubiquitous for so long that “Brazilians have become anaesthetised to them”, says Regis Bonelli of Fundação Getulio Vargas, a business school.Apart from a brief spurt in the 1960s and 1970s, …
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Show Me!

Show me! This is a phrase I use quite often at work. Why? Quite simple. Whenever I am asked to work on something of an unusual nature, I like to look at with my supervisor before I begin. 1,301 more words

Praise 103.9's OMG Moment: Joel Osteen purchased the entire Catholic religion.

Joel Osteen Ministries purchased the entire Catholic religion which includes all its assets. He announced the purchase to members at the Lakewood Church during his televised service. 108 more words

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Getting the wrong end of the stick - Palm Sunday responses

A sermon preached on Palm Sunday 2014…

I expect that, like me, there have been times when you have got completely the wrong end of the stick and misread a situation. 1,069 more words

Easter Sunday, Father Joe and the ignominy of the camel-hair coats

Easter is associated in our family lore, not with Christ’s Passion, or even the Ressurection, but with a pair of camel-hair coats.

You don’t hear much about camel-hair these days, but when myself and my brother were at the psychologically vulnerable age of 10 or 11, the “Ship of the Desert” look was all the rage. 711 more words

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Father, you have appointed Your Son Jesus Christ eternal High Priest. Guide those He has chosen to be ministers of word and sacrament and help them to be strong and faithful in fulfilling the ministry they have received. 34 more words

Prayers For Ordinary Time