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Working the Polls (No, not that kind of pole)

Back in June I served as a Voter Operations Judge during the primaries. It was certainly an eye-opening experience into some of the challenges and inherent problems with how our voting process is organized in this country. 1,166 more words

Hope & Inspiration

Study: Voter apathy could mean record-low turnout in some states

Voter turnout in primaries so far has been declining, which could mean record lows in some states this fall.

A new study shows 14.8% of eligible U.S. 211 more words


Congratulations, Club for Growth!

Main Street Advocacy is pleased to congratulate the Club for Growth on their “perfect” primary season.

Main Street Advocacy

Who's Down With EBB... (The Ways WE Count)

So this past week, as a way to cope with a wicked case of writer’s block, I went searching for inspiration in the conference calls, chat-rooms, and community sites that my fellow Centrists and I frequent.   242 more words


C'mon Chris, Let It Go

“Let It Go” might be one of the biggest songs of the year, but it’s clear that Chris McDaniel and his campaign are not familiar with the phrase. 304 more words

Main Street Advocacy

A devisive Election mandera county maendeleo ya wanawake Primaries

Contributed by Abdul Qani Hassan and Bilqays Ibrahim

Ubah Abdi Gedi who lost Nomination to fathiya Mahbub last Year have won Maendeleo ya Wanawake primary early on Wednesday, capturing a huge margin of votes after a bitter nominating contest. 163 more words

What's the Matter With Kansas Democrats?

One of those internecine Republican primary challenges is happening right here in Kansas’ fourth congressional district, but what little national attention it has received is because it is so atypical. 735 more words