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TRENDING STORY today ... "Direct-Pay Primary Care: The Market Road To Freedom"

FEBRUARY 2014 - A growing number of doctors are finding the joy of medicine in direct-pay practices. Dr. Rob Lamberts is just the latest to write about the freedom and satisfaction he is experiencing by a medical practice where his patients pay him directly, rather than through a third-party (government or private insurance.)  To put it in his own words: … 301 more words


The Greener Grass? Life in Primary Care Medicine

As I type this I can only describe a ‘buzz’  about me; physically and mentally I feel pretty good right now. I don’t mean to sound smug when I say that but rather just that I feel I have been on quite a tortuous journey with medicine and how it aligns with my way of life and desires for the future. 890 more words


NATIONAL: Boston -- Be Part of the Change & Empower the Next Generation of Primary Care Providers with The American Resident Project, Medstro, and The Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care

By Dr. Jennifer M. Joe, MD, MedTech Boston

AUGUST 15, 2014 - As the Editor-in-Chief of MedTech Boston and because I’m leading a boot-strapped start-up company, I talk to a number of entrepreneurs, Angels, and venture capitalists every week. 945 more words

Direct Primary Care

Emulating Hippocrates

I have been a hospital physician for the past five years.  “Hospitalists,” they call us.  It has been my job to admit sick patients to the hospital and stabilize their diseases to the point that they should reasonably be able to leave the hospital without having to get acutely rushed back in.  318 more words


Solutionist medicine: How the concierge model can reinvent primary care

Chad Rudnick, MD | Physician

August 11, 2014 - Call it concierge, call it direct care, boutique, fee-for-service, call it what you will. I call it a solution. 706 more words

National Headlines

Third new family physician recruited to High Level

News Release

Third new family physician recruited to High Level

HIGH LEVEL — Local residents have improved access to primary care with the recruitment of a new full-time physician practising in the community. 367 more words

Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute Opens First-of-its-Kind Research Stem Cell Clinic for Cardiac Patients

New clinic offers a scientific approach to assess the benefits of stem cells to repair damaged or diseased cardiovascular tissues!

Full article: http://goo.gl/FKtMZl