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Performance Tuning

Nan was an Oracle DBA who wished to start a company specialized in performance tuning. Her friend Cathriene  felt together they can start a venture of PERFORMANCE TUNING for people.. 176 more words

IDENTITY column autoincrement functionality in Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c has introduced the IDENTITY column which is the automatic method over the old trigger-sequence based approach to auto-populate the primary key of a table. 264 more words


Auto-increment primary key in Pre 12c releases (Identity functionality)

Oracle 12c has introduced the IDENTITY COLUMN functionality which provides an automatic functionality of a trigger-sequence approach for populating the primary key of a table. However, for Pre 12c releases, developers need to stick to the old… 191 more words



“Curiosity killed the cat” is a famous saying used to warn people not to get too curious because it could get them into trouble.

It is not always so! 878 more words

Entity, Entity Types & ER Diagrams

Entity : which has an independent existence in the real world

Entity Type : extended entity grouped with some attributes called as “entity types”
(also called as Tables in RDBMS) 413 more words


Primary Key Max Length

I’m planning on fishing my first Muskie tournament this year. The Rhinelander Hodag Musky Challenge is held each year up in September on various lakes around Rhinelander. 674 more words


One Step To Understand Relationship Of Primary Key And Non-Clustered Indexes.

Keys and indexes are key fundamental concepts of any RDBMS and play very crucial rule to design good and efficient database. If you have to design performance oriented database then you should have to implement keys and indexes in proper manner in your database. 730 more words