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اختيار نوع مناسب للمفتاح الأساسي في اوراكل

لو امعنا النظر في بنية بعض الجداول في قاعدة بيانات HR سنجد ان المفاتيح الاساسية تم تطبيقها كـــ Number ، فباستخدام الإستعلام التالي:



How to: list all primary keys in a SQL Server database

I recently had the following question posted to this site:


I’d think this is a simple question/problem.  I want to get the primary key name for each table in my schema.  133 more words

SQL Server

Naming Surrogate Primary Keys

It’s one of those questions of style that aren’t always possible to be objective about. Often they come down to personal preference. But we still like to think we have decent enough reasons for our choices. 629 more words



Pohon dan kebun basah semua..

Begitulah kiranya potongan dari bait lagu yang sampai sekarang masih kuingat. Lirik lagu tersebut menceritakan secara singkat tentang peristiwa hujan. Yang setiap kesudahannya

Primary Key

Entity Framework - Setting integer keys client side gets 'Cannot insert the value NULL'

I have just been banging my head against a wall trying to get a simple database record added to a simple table using Entity Framework! My table has a primary key field of type INT, but is NOT set as an identity field (i.e. 226 more words


Modify Primary Key Using Index (Learning To Fly)

One of the things I love about working with Oracle Database technologies is that there’s just so much one can learn. I make it an active goal of mine to try to learn something new at work each and every day, no matter how big or small. 583 more words

Oracle Indexes