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Fifth Normal Form (5NF)

These relations still have a problem. While defining the 4NF we mentioned that all the attributes depend upon each other. While creating the two tables in the 4NF, although we have preserved the dependencies between Vendor Code and Item code in the first table and Vendor Code and Item code in the second table, we have lost the relationship between Item Code and Project No. 180 more words

Programming In Java

SQL - List Primary key and Concatenate composite Keys into a single row separed by comma

The following query lists all the Primary keys of all the table. 

OP has requested to list all PK and composite PKs and concatenate all it’s composite PK column values into a single row separated by comma hence this post. 134 more words


Primary Keys and clustered indexes

One of the common misunderstandings in relation to the Microsoft SQL server is that a primary key always will be enforced with a clustered index. 12 more words