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Jesus And Santa (But Mostly Jesus)

When I was little, I came to the realization that Santa Claus was pretend. Seeing Santas on every street corner when we were shopping might have had something to do with it. 1,039 more words


Is it ever okay to tamper with the past? Modifying primary sources to make them accessible

Maybe this is not as big a topic as I think it is. Maybe it’s just me. But it seems as if the idea of modifying primary sources in order to make them more “user friendly” for our students, especially younger kids, is kind of a big deal. 1,178 more words


Believing in Prester John

This Post has been written by a guest, Keagan Joel Brewer. Keagan Brewer is a medievalist whose research considers the structure of medieval beliefs and disbeliefs, with particular interest in marvels, wonder, monsters, legends, travel texts, the supernatural, and religious disbelief. 1,290 more words

Medieval History

Archives, Primary Sources and Critical Thinking

My latest contribution to the Diary of an Archivist blog is up online for the History Education Network! (THEN/HiER): Archives, Primary Sources and Critical Thinking… 13 more words


Sample state assessment, historical thinking assessment tools, and useful primary sources


Okay. I’m an idiot. Several (many) of you have noticed that I said that I attached Don’s presentation. But I never did. Now I have. 544 more words


Essential Sources: 2 - Fragmentary Annals

Unlike the better-known Irish chronicles (such as the Annals of Ulster and the Annals of Tigernach) the text known as the Fragmentary Annals embellishes many of its year-entries with long passages of narrative saga. 700 more words