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What I Learned Today 9/19/2014

Yesterday was a sad day. My Baba Joe died, so we had a day of mourning. If you didn't know my Baba Joe, he was my grandpa. 441 more words


DIGITAL: Dunn's Website Compares Two Plantations (Virignia, Jamaica)

Two Plantations: Enslaved Families in Virginia and Jamaica displays research into the lives of 431 enslaved people in seven multi-generational families at Mesopotamia plantation in Jamaica and Mount Airy plantation in Virginia. 288 more words


The Little Prince Project's Ideas for Constitution Day

We’ve still got a few months until the US Constitution celebrates its 227th birthday, but thanks to an amazing California teacher named Nancy, the Little Prince Project and its followers are about to get a head start.   229 more words


Class 4: Historical Thinking

Our class begins with a review of the Sam Wineburg reading and TEDEd flipped lesson Who is the historian in your classroom? That will also provide a chance to discuss the efficacy of flipping content. 600 more words


Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

Having students internalize historical events is a task I try to achieve in my high school Geography and World History classrooms almost every lesson. This is a difficult mission, but it does not prevent me from asking myself, “How can I make this topic personal for students?” 237 more words

Historical Thinking

Secret (And Historical) Treasure

Journals: your secrets,
my books and historical
treasure trove. Win-win?


I have stumbled upon a really interesting strategy for making students evaluate the validity of their sources.  Inquiry Charts, or I-Charts, make students assess what each source tells them and compare them.   122 more words