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Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey

Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey by andycatlin (http://ift.tt/1FLoSAx) at May 19, 2014 at 09:20AM (via http://ift.tt/1oHjDe6)
Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey


Intense Stare

OK.  So, this lemur wasn’t actually staring at me.  He just going about his merry, primate way and pretty much minding his own business.

He did stop to give me a quick glance, though.   44 more words


Baby Monkey @ Taj

Not all the great sites at the Taj Mahal are of that magnificent monument. People abound in all shapes and sizes. And, if lucky, a troop of primates may put in a showing as they move from the river area, across the Taj complex and head for the trees in the surrounding areas.  28 more words


Exotic Pet Trade Day 2014

To clarify, the below event is designed to discuss the implications for welfare and conservation involved in the keeping of exotic pets. It is not in support of the exotic pet trade.


First post of this very long journey

I don’t really have any pictures to upload. There has not been much in the way of “interesting” or “fun”. That is unless you think traveling all over two cities to apply for permits qualifies…  However, I can at least give an update and some introspective. 417 more words