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Trip to the zoo!

My trusty photography friend, Sue, and I went to the local zoo here in Birmingham to shoot some animals.  Well, not to “shoot” them.  That wouldn’t be nice.   132 more words


Primate Calls for Reconciliation in Letter

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
Credit: Michael Hudson for General Synod Communications

In a pastoral letter, The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, Primate of Canada, speaks about the silence and need for reconciliation in the profound brokenness we most often feel when we experience the Good Friday liturgy. 224 more words

Holy Week

Rare Primate

This is the Lion Tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus), endemic to the Western Ghats region of southwest India. They live in scattered pockets of mountain rainforest which is becoming increasingly fragmented due to tea and coffee plantations.


The PSGB Spring Conference

The Primate Society of Great Britain Spring Conference 2014 was my first scientific conference, and the first time I have presented my work to the scientific primate community. 420 more words

Pictures in need of accurate words: University of Florida animal photos

Pictures of a cat spay clinic misrepresented as a laboratory horror shop circulated the internet recently to support appeals to “end animal testing.” Speaking of Research wrote about it here “ 1,700 more words


Starting now, you can access articles which had been published in various scientific journals. The menu is on the left side. The articles are free to download but please don’t utilize it for commercial use.