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Out of the Darkness

Just messing about in photoshop with an image I previously uploaded, this is a captive Male Mandrill Baboon, quite an amazing looking creature!……..I was going to call this “Acid Monkey”, but went for the safer option hahaha. 8 more words


the long road to Marokie

Wednesday May 26th, 2014

When we woke up we ate some hard boiled eggs before a few students joined Nate on his tour of the sanctuary of Tacugama. 994 more words


Two Days Left on My Teespring Campaign

I have reached my goal of 50 t-shirts on my Teespring campaign! 50% of my proceeds go to The Center for Great Apes in Florida. Two days left to order yours! Orang-Tastic Tee


Dodecatheon dentatum: Shooting Stars


Dodecatheon dentatum is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae, known by the common names white shooting star and toothed American cowslip. It is native to the… 93 more words


Talking Primate

I am shouting, screaming in high-pitched wails, “sounding” or testing the limits of my voice as I jump lightly and skillfully across the tops of great boulders. 196 more words


Chimpanzees have language

I’ve read in several places that language is the last uniquely human characteristic.  Well, it turns out chimps communicate with a language of gestures: Researchers Translate the Meaning of Over 60 Gestures Used by Chimps… 320 more words