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Lemuridae is another large family of primates, just like cercopithecidae, as it includes most species of lemur. I mentioned in my last primate families post that all lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar, but something that differs from the cheirogaleidae is that lemurids are diurnal. 168 more words


Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey

Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey by andycatlin (http://ift.tt/1FLoSAx) at May 19, 2014 at 09:20AM (via http://ift.tt/1oHjDe6)
Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey


Biodiversity challenge - Northern brown howler

Vocal hero

He’s a big noise,
One of the boys,
Roaring success.
Reading aloud from
The gruff guide
To life.

There hangs by a tail…

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Seeds - is it natural and ethical to eat them?

Last post we discussed whether it is natural and ethical to eat flowers. The reason why we’re asking questions like this is because we, as conscious humans, can and should make decisions that could not only positively change the environment, but also, by association, elevate the level of compassion in the world, something that is sorely needed in this day and age. 1,149 more words

Natural Food


The tarsiers of the tarsiidae family are small primates with enormous eyes. Those enormous eyes help them to see in the dark, which is particularly useful when you are a nocturnal primate. 212 more words



I have the extreme pleasure that I get to learn all about the lorisidae family by a well-known expert on one of the species in the family. 261 more words