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A Western Lowland gorilla holding her infant from the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP-UNEP).

For a long time, the claim in the human literature was that humans are the only primates in which mothers have eye contact with their infants. 36 more words


Tarsiers, one of the Smallest Primates

They have large eyes that equal the size of their brain. As they are solitary animals, they can be quite aggressive (despite their tiny frame) when there’s competition over a mate or territory. 21 more words


What Are They Putting in Those Leaves?

And whatever it is, could I get some in my morning coffee?

Monkeys, lemurs sold in British pet shops

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Vervet monkey babies

10 January 2009

Looking after orphaned baby monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THE…

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Economic, Social, Trade Union, Etc.

A Home for Ontogeny and Phylogeny

Construction of the Phyletisches Museum in Jena, Germany began on Goethe’s birthday on August 28, 1907. The Art Nouveau-styled museum was devised by the great evolutionary biologist, embryologist and artist/howthefuckdoyousummarizehowcoolhewas  647 more words