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Moral: Never Mess with Mom

(Oh, this is prank going to be epic! Mom totally can’t see me, so I’ll just sneak up behind her really slow, and then when she least expects it, I’ll pinch her on the OW OW OW OW OK I’M SORRY LEGGO MY NOSE!)

Via Maren Vollman.

Dr Birute Galdikas: born to be wild

People who live in the western countries rarely think about rainforests, orangutans, or the fact that they are going extinct, it just feels too far away. 238 more words


Bigfoot believer claims DNA proves beast's existence

A Calgary man who has spent a decade tracing the movements of an elusive ape-like beast — widely considered a myth — believes he has DNA evidence suggesting bigfoot is alive and romping through Canadian forests. 619 more words

Local News

Silent Vigil for the Kalin Monkeys Tomorrow

From Ann and Leslie:

It is supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees on Thursday. If you could come to the event 30-minutes before it is scheduled to start, I will bring our signs and we can stand in front of the building until the panel discussion is set to begin.  216 more words


Why Lemurs Are Different

Long-term studies have contributed invaluable data regarding distribution, biogeography, physiology, behavior, and ecology of Madagascar’s primates. Lemurs contrast with many other primates in several behavioral features. 186 more words

DANTA: Association For Conservation Of The Tropics

First Sumatran Orangutan Born in 2014

Congratulations to Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo who recently announced the late November birth of the first Sumatran Orangutan born in the United States this year.  First time mother Tara has been attentive to her baby girl despite lack of previous experience or exposure to other mothers. 102 more words

Feel Good

5 Interesting Facts About Japanese Macaques

Today I want to write about a beautiful monkey called the Japanese macaque.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 213 more words