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Don’t Make a Monkey of Me!

Chimpanzees aren’t monkeys—they’re great apes, like gorillas and humans. And not only are we closely related to chimps, but we have a lot of behaviors in common with them too. 133 more words

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Chimpanzees adapting to humans, new study

This BBC video is called How to Speak Chimpanzee.

From Wildlife Extra:

Chimps found to be adapting to human neighbours

Wild chimpanzees could be learning to coexist with their human neighbours a new study suggests.

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Providing refuge for Congo's forgotten victims

Warrandyte Diary, October 2014

In recent years when the United Nations warned people to evacuate from her village in eastern Congo as rebels stormed the area, Andrea Coleman was adamant that she stayed right where she was. 997 more words


Plushy getting the preferential treatment.

Yes, I know I could just leave the bowl in his enclosure and he can eat all by himself – but watching him go face first in his fruits just warms my heart, and in life , moments like that are rare so why pass them up ? 45 more words