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Scientists Confirm Primate Discovery!

Naturalists in eastern Ukraine have reported discovering a new species of orangutan in the region. Genus: Pongo Ukrainian Ignoramus.

Dr. Henry Niacin of the Eurasian Species Institute confirms that this newly discovered branch of primates roams freely throughout the eastern Ukrainian and western Russian areas. 331 more words


The one Orangutan fact that blew me off the branch....and I'm not that easily shaken off it.

Here it is: ORANGUTANS.LOVE.CHICKEN. Yes, chicken. Boiled. Skinless. CHICKEN.

But the  preferences don’t stop at just that- Sumatran Orangutans will eat only white meat, while Borneos have a penchant for thighs. 78 more words


5 Comics to Read on a Beach

I spent much of last week beachside, getting some sun and drinking some drinks and reading some books. I packed too many books, as usual (I always overestimate how much reading I’m going to do when I travel) but it made me think about what comics would be nice, easy beach reads. 694 more words


Plushy-the Slow Loris that quickly became my favorite resident at the Moscow Zoo.

Cant tell if Plushy is practicing to audition for the opera or just really enjoying his lunch. I swear animals provide the best entertainment, I know no such thing as “bored at work” .


Out of the Darkness

Just messing about in photoshop with an image I previously uploaded, this is a captive Male Mandrill Baboon, quite an amazing looking creature!……..I was going to call this “Acid Monkey”, but went for the safer option hahaha. 8 more words


Brown mantled tamarins running around me freely in a garden... pinch me I'm dreaming...

Worked hard in proving that Im not a completely worthless human being and was given the chance to take on the “Winter Garden” of the Moscow Zoo. 239 more words


OH YEAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........................

Here’s to a little sunshine in your lives! :’D~~  HAPPY WEEKENDS Y’ALL!!!