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Fossil ankles indicate Earth's earliest primates lived in trees

Earth’s earliest primates have taken a step up in the world, now that researchers have gotten a good look at their ankles. A new study has found that Purgatorius, a small mammal that lived on a diet of fruit and insects, was a tree dweller. 367 more words


So you want a baby monkey...

“The only one truly qualified to raise a monkey is the monkey’s mother”

Tim Ajax, director Born Free USA

So you’ve seen a video of an adorable baby monkey and now you absolutely need one.

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DANTA: Association For Conservation Of The Tropics

Face Off Season 8 Episode 2: Game Changer Part 2!!

We had to wait a whole week to see what would transpire when McKenzie threw a curve ball at the contestants.  Not only did they have to work in teams with a former champ as their leader and coach and create two alien beings, but also come up with… 820 more words

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More and more monkeys!!

Okay, as you may or may not know, there are more than just baboons in South Africa. Vervet monkeys and samango monkeys (also known as Sykes’ monkeys) are both found in the country, but not in all the provinces (unlike baboons, who seem to pop up everywhere). 137 more words


Rhesus monkeys recognize themselves in mirrors

This video says about itself:

Monkeys May Be Able To Recognize Themselves In A Mirror With Training

8 January 2015

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences…

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Why do some primates have red coloured skin?

Firstly I apologise for the lack of post recently but it’s exam time so been rather busy and very stressed but only got one left now so I’ll be free soon! 119 more words