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Can primate social learning tell us something about how gender dysphoria works?

When reading about the “nurture” side of the gender debate, one apparent problem that people frequently comment on re: the gender-as-socially-learned hypothesis is the existence of transsexual and/or transgender people.   530 more words

Human, All Too Human

(From my Salon piece in the October/November issue of Eclectica)

I’ve remarked more than once in print and in personal conversation that maybe our societies should be run by primatologists. 117 more words

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Field Experience - Where Do I Start?

Entering into primatology as young student with minimal experience and education can be confusing. You need field experience to get into graduate school. The lists of volunteer work and internships can be overwhelming. 671 more words

Costa Rica

Pacific Primate Sanctuary is hiring

Position Available (on-going) for New World Primate Caregiver/Office Assistant at Pacific Primate Sanctuary, Maui, Hawaii

This is truly a Sanctuary, a beautiful place for someone with a background and interest in animal husbandry, welfare and conservation, exotic veterinary medicine, biology, and related fields, who is a mature team player with respect for others. 529 more words

Study shows how chimpanzees share skills

Biologists have found evidence of new behavior being adopted and transmitted socially from one individual to another within a wild chimpanzee community. This is the first instance of social learning recorded in the wild. 751 more words


Chimpanzees raised as pets or performers suffer long-term effects on their behavior

New study suggests experiences during the first four years of life can shape behavioral and welfare outcomes well into adulthood.

Although the immediate welfare consequences of removing infant chimpanzees from their mothers are well documented, little is known about the long-term impacts of this type of early life experience. 547 more words


What Makes Humans Special?

Professor Michael Tomasello discusses some ideas about the basic difference between humans and apes via Scientific American