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First Witnessed Bonobo Birth

Bonobos are the smaller and less researched species of chimpanzee, and just a few days ago the first birth witnessed in the wild by a human took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 157 more words


Resources for Jobs and Funding - Primatology

Finding where to begin in the field of Primatology can be a hard task in itself, but looking for funding can be another struggle while pursuing research topics. 171 more words

DANTA: Association For Conservation Of The Tropics

The process of chimpanzee habituation

By Dr. Paco Bertolani Interview by Ryan Green

Dr. Paco Bertolani, as mentioned in the previous blog post, will be at the forefront of the project to habituate the wild-born descendants of the chimps released on Rubondo Island in the 1960s. 885 more words


Full Team Present! (And some fun in the field)

Last Sunday everyone from MNP at pos3 went to go play paintball. What did I do? Why work of course. No wild pictures of me taking part in this craziness. 162 more words

Dr. Paco Bertolani - Seeking the soul of the ape.

By Ryan Green

Dr. Paco Bertolani holds a PhD. in Biological Anthropology, and is a specialist in chimpanzee habituation.

The population of chimpanzees on Rubondo Island has been mentioned in previous articles: how they came to be there by the efforts of the great conservationist Professor Bernard Grzimek. 922 more words