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Is it culture or evolution? --or-- What's the best way to explain why humans are so fucking weird?

So I saw this article yesterday.


In essence, it discusses a study done on the Twe and Tjimba tribes, and attempts to link the spatial and navigational superiority of men in the tribes to the pressure placed on them to find more mates. 4,375 more words

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Opportunity, not necessity, is the mother of invention

Whether you are a human being or an orangutan, tools can be a big help in getting what you need to survive.

However, a review of current research into the use of tools by non-human primates suggests that ecological opportunity, rather than necessity, is the main driver behind primates such as chimpanzees picking up a stone to crack open nuts. 475 more words


Human Evolution, Cultural Evolution and the Concept of Race.

So this little diddy came to my mind while having a discussion with a friend of mine. He’s a smart guy (uh-oh…qualification coming up…) but he has a fairly stereotypical view on race. 6,323 more words

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Finest Fathers and Super Step-Dads

Why are owl monkeys good fathers?

In the (non-human) primate world there are many different social organizations with many different degrees of paternal care. A male can contribute a range of minimal to almost all of the effort. 473 more words


The early chimp gets the fig

Wild chimpanzees plan their breakfast time, type and location.

How do our close relatives, the chimpanzees, acquire sufficient food when times are lean? By studying wild chimpanzees in the… 606 more words