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Chimps & Bonobos

Genus Pan: A Bit Country and A Bit Rock and Roll

When observing chimpanzees or bonobos we can’t help but see the face of a kindred soul. 1,435 more words

Primate hands

I want to share this amazing picture I found in a written documentary about evolutionary biology and primatology.

Reference: reportage Le Figaro Magazine, juillet 2014


Marmoset sequence sheds new light on primate biology and evolution

Scientists have completed the genome sequence of the common marmoset — the first sequence of a New World Monkey — providing new information about the marmoset’s unique rapid reproductive system, physiology and growth, shedding new light on primate biology and evolution. 1,375 more words


Misogynist quote of the day

“The very fact that the animal is so intelligent in human terms makes it difficult to withhold human response. This is particularly true with women researchers, and especially those who are childless. 65 more words

A Primatologist Told Me...

Defending Chimpanzees

Niger resides at Zoo Miami. Photo courtesy of Max Block


“Maybe you’re in the wrong department”, he said. My graduate advisor and I were never able to reach an agreement regarding the exact area of study for my master’s degree in anthropology. 934 more words


Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains

Figuring out how to survive on a lean-season diet of hard-to-reach ants, slugs and other bugs may have spurred the development of bigger brains and higher-level cognitive functions in the ancestors of humans and other primates. 807 more words


Frans de Waal on Moral Sentiment

Morals Without God

Frans de Waal The New York Times on–line, Opinion Page (Opinionator), (link to article)

The article is much more nuanced and less polemic than its title.

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