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What Makes Humans Special?

Professor Michael Tomasello discusses some ideas about the basic difference between humans and apes via Scientific American


Primatology and Ethnobotany Field Schools

Interested in Primatology and/or Ethnobotany? Check out the winter and summer field school offerings from Maderas Rainforest Conservancy in Costa Rica and Nicaragua:


Primate Studies Field School

Check out this primate studies field school run by the University of Arizona:


“This four-week primate studies field school is based in Rwanda, one of Central East Africa’s most progressive countries and home to a high diversity of monkeys and apes, including the famed mountain gorilla.  55 more words

Lab Members to Present at IPS in Hanoi

Several members of the Vogel lab will be presenting exciting research results from Tuanan at the International Primatological Society meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam. Dr. Wendy Erb will present her preliminary finding on the energetic costs of long calls in wild male orangutans. 53 more words


Making Daisy Chains with Gorillas: the difficulties of field studies in primatology

I recently read a journal article by Amanda Rees (University of York) called “Anthropomorphism, Anthropocentrism and Anecdote:  Primatologists on Primatology”, which appeared in the journal… 773 more words

A Western Lowland gorilla holding her infant from the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP-UNEP).

For a long time, the claim in the human literature was that humans are the only primates in which mothers have eye contact with their infants. 36 more words


The troubling world of Koko the gorilla and the decline of ape language research

Last week, people around the world mourned the death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams. According to the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, California, we were not the only primates mourning. 6,804 more words