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Structure of Indian Government and Elections 2014 Update

2014 Elections are going on! And almost 27% adult population of the nation is still not aware of the basic structure of their government which is really alarming. 502 more words


Muted Cries in a Modern City

by Aaqib Raza Khan, Bhanu Priya Vyas and Hina Fatima Khan

Open drains, narrow passages and unhealthy living conditions are some of the characteristics by which BR camp, a slum in Central Delhi, is recognized. 59 more words

The Accidental Prime Minister: Sanjaya Baru

The Accidental Prime Minister: Sanjaya Baru
Sudhir R. Shenoy
Why defend the indefensible?
The Congress party’s and the PMO’s strong reactions over Sanjay Baru’s book on the current Prime Minister who would demit office when the new government takes over is amusing to say the least. 1,027 more words


In India,the office of the Prime Minister is based on constitutional law

Parliamentary election in India is round the corner. Lets talk about the importance of prime Minister in India’s Parliamentary Democracy:


According to Constitutional experts,under the parliamentary democracy of India,the Prime Minister of India is the pillar of the Union Government.In India,the office of the Prime Minister is based on constitutional law.The Prime Minister of India is not only the head of the real executive,he is also the leader of the majority party in parliament.The Prime Minister is appointed by the Prisident.The president has little choice in this matter because he has to appoint the leader of the majority party in the house of the People(Lok Sabha) as the Prime Minister of India.The prime Minister may also belong to the Council of States(Rajya Sabha). 169 more words

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What does India wants to know about its Politicians? | Infographic

Who will be the Prime Minister of India?

Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejrival or Rahul Gandhi?

As Elections are just about to begin in India, the pre-elections period is the most interesting one.

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Can Madam Jayalalitha be the Prime Minister of India.......?

 Madam. J.Jayalalitha:

She was born on 24/02/1948 at Melukote, in Pandavapura Taluk of Mandya District in Karnataka. Most of the internet sites have mentioned her birth time as 14.33 hrs on a full moon day with Gemini ascendant rising with Mercury the ascendant lord in 9th house of fortune also a friendly house of Saturn with 5th house lord Venus in exaltation in 10th house blessed her to born with silver spoon in a well cultured family. 513 more words

The next PM: Do we have a choice?

Every time a channel throws up their pre-poll survey results, three names keep coming up as prospective PMs—Modi, Gandhi and Kejriwal. These three are followed by a host of regional leaders like Jayalalitha, Mulayum, Mayawati, Mamata. 1,027 more words