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Kennedy, Abe Test New High-speed Train

Published on Apr 12, 2014
US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe joined a test run of Japan’s high-speed Maglev train on Saturday.


India, the largest democracy in the world

Today is Election Day in our state of Karnataka.  India will soon have a new Prime Minister.  The nationwide results will be known on May 16 but I do not know when the new person will take power. 584 more words


British Prime minister, evangelical?

The Guardian reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron says that he has an evangelical Christian faith.



Responding to Irrational Politics

David Cameron, currently Prime Minister of the UK has tried to put together his thoughts on faith and morality. We might give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is simply poor at communicating his ideas but I’m afraid he may actually think like this. 228 more words


Guardian: David Cameron - I am evangelical about Christian faith

David Cameron has declared himself an “evangelical” about his Christian faith as he criticised some non-believers for failing to grasp the role that religion can have in “helping people to have a moral code”. 136 more words

Breaking News: Tony Abbott Resigns as PM

Originally published at The Soin, comic section of Honi Soit

After only 3 months into his tenure as Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott is calling it quits. 325 more words


The Bloodsuckers, The Slavemasters and the Plebs

Who are the Bloodsuckers? The public school chinless wonders who despite no innate talents are fast tracked to the top jobs, where they show their lack of ability by repeatedly messing up, never learning from their mistakes. 161 more words