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In early March, Fox and National Geographic teamed up to show us a science series so awesome that it was granted the same time slot as HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones”. 231 more words


There isn’t much that humbles more quickly or deeply than excrement, even when eliminated by the sweetest, most scrumptious toddler on earth. How did he execute such a tidy trifecta?? 1,043 more words

Arts Camp is coming...

Our Arts Camp information page is live.

Hit the link on the left to read about classes and more.

Registration opens on AprilĀ 19th for Oak Hillians and on May 18th for the community.

Comment below with any questions.

OutKast Reunite at Coachella 2014!!!!

The wait is over. It has happened. Outkast reunites at The 2014 Coachella Festival. Watch as special guest such as Janelle Monae, Sleepy Brown, and Future join them. 10 more words

Mad Love

Project #40 The Golden Hour

Project: The Golden Hour

With the weather getting warmer we should all get out and make photos during photography’s “Prime Time” aka the Golden Hour. The golden hues of a sunrise or sunset can give a magical quality to am image. 28 more words

104 Photo Projects


Captured by the beautiful free spirit of cool calm collected, fashion maven, Mother, Singer, Song writer, record label owner, DJ & Creative/Art director of Puma Solange ( Sol Angel) Knowles. 332 more words

Gold generation

A very frustrating phase in the life of every middle aged woman comes when she is suddenly put into the category of seniors. She becomes conscious of the changes around her, and fears that her younger generation will take over and she’ll be OUT of the game! 388 more words

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