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Canon CN-E Primes - An In-Depth Look

Canon announced their CN-E Primes back in 2011 with only a 24, 50, and 85mm. They quickly added the 14, 35, and 135mm to the line-up providing cinematographers an set of six lenses from 14 through 135mm. 3,842 more words


Notes from date night

Stiff gin drinks, not sweet or bitter,
Pimento cheese wontons,
Well portioned plates of BBQ
With a side of primes,
Quadratic residues,
And problems that plagued Gauss.

Sarah Zureick-brown

Veydra, First To Offer M4/3 Cinema Primes

Until now, shooting cinema on a Micro 4/3 camera meant you were using still photo lenses or lenses that were adapted or modified for motion picture use. 836 more words


A new Mersenne prime confirmed today! Well, sort of . . . .

Saw this tweet from Chris Long today:

M(32582657) proven to be 44th Mersenne Prime. Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search – PrimeNet http://t.co/WWGA7FHFsQ

— Christopher D. Long (@octonion) …

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Primes, Logs, and showing some modern math to kids

Earlier in the week I saw a nice exchange on twitter between Michael Pershan and Justin Lanier.   Sorry for the cumbersome tweet linking, but here’s the part of the exchange that caught my attention: 984 more words

Fun with abundant numbers

A few weeks ago Tracy Johnston Zager asked about this problem on twitter (and these embedded tweets should be amusing during Halloween week!):

Q from a 4th grade teacher I admire: "What do you think of questions like this: 'What is the sum of all the factors of 35?'" …

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Maths Challenge (1)

This is a bit of an experiment. If I get a good response to this, I may do this again sometime. I thought that a bit of maths will not do much harm to the blog, especially as it is something else I enjoy doing. 320 more words