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Project Euler Quadratic Primes Solution – Problem 27

Problem: Euler discovered the remarkable quadratic formula:

n² + n + 41

It turns out that the formula will produce 40 primes for the consecutive values n = 0 to 39. 383 more words

Project Euler

Kakuros are Surprisingly Hard!

I led the big kids’ circle this week. 5 kids attended.

The Activities

1. Topic: Primes: Book: The Number Devil, by Enzenberger.

2. Topic: Measurement:  856 more words

Circle 1

Project Euler Truncatable Primes Solution – Problem 37

Problem: The number 3797 has an interesting property. Being prime itself, it is possible to continuously remove digits from left to right, and remain prime at each stage: 3797, 797, 97, and 7. 275 more words

Project Euler

Project Euler Consecutive Prime Sum Solution – Problem 50

Problem: The prime 41, can be written as the sum of six consecutive primes:

41 = 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13… 650 more words

Project Euler

Foundation of Photography

Now I am learning about Photography for my second assignment for my unit Creative Digital Media. The section I am going through now is What Is a Lens? 23 more words


A Circle Circle

Happy 2015! This was our daughter’s first circle of the year, and our son’s first circle ever.  We now do 2 circles each week, at the same time.   700 more words

Circle 1



THE EVOLUTION OF ART IS SOMETIMES ABOUT SUBTRACTION RATHER THAN ADDITION. We reflexively feel that the more elements we add to our creative projects…equipment, verbiage, mental baggage…the better the result will be. 489 more words