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Primeval Aspects

If stares into the soul reflect
The deepest corners of repose
Dare the embers soon reflect
Two hearts hung juxtapose,

Mask in masquerade at dusk… 14 more words


ArcheAge Primeval LV50 PVP 1V1 Build - Fight for Battlefield

Hi, all! Today SellArcheAgeGold.com would share you LV50 Primeval PVP guide for 1V1 and bring you a taste of Primeval charm.
More orthodox Primeval build for 1V1… 239 more words


How is gender represented in this extract of primeval?


During the beginning of this extract of Primeval, gender, through the character of Connor, is instantly challenged through his various feminine aspects and his lack of ability to do things without guidance. 736 more words

Mr Dunford

Primeval Awareness in Ravenloft

@pukunui81 It's definitely situational. In my recent Ravenloft game—heavy on investigation, light on combat—Primeval Awareness was pivotal.

— Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) November 25, 2014

Adventure #5- Comic Con

8th-9th September 2014

When contemplating whether or not to write this post, I asked Capricorn, “Does comic con count as an adventure?” to which her deadpan response was, “Only the biggest adventure of all.” 816 more words


Samhain Poem - Primeval Masks

Enter that doorway to the nether-realm, my face with a mask concealed

The crisp leaves crunch churning under my steps upon a path not yet revealed… 76 more words