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Adventure #5- Comic Con

8th-9th September 2014

When contemplating whether or not to write this post, I asked Capricorn, “Does comic con count as an adventure?” to which her deadpan response was, “Only the biggest adventure of all.” 816 more words


Samhain Poem - Primeval Masks

Enter that doorway to the nether-realm, my face with a mask concealed

The crisp leaves crunch churning under my steps upon a path not yet revealed… 76 more words


TV Drama Cover

Gender is represented in a variety of ways in this extract of the series Primeval. For example, towards the beginning of the scene Nick is seen wearing ordinary clothes which are muddy and this could suggest that he is more into the work whereas Abbi is wearing more fashionable clothes and this makes her appear more feminine hence representing the difference in gender between her and Nick. 568 more words

Mr Dunford

Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms

5 fandom friday (i know it’s late but shhh) is a wonderful new idea brought to us by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick… 553 more words


Calm 2

“What?” I said. Not comprehending what she was saying.

Again, she repeated almost casually, “all the trees have gone – none are left.”

English is not her mother tongue and although she speaks it very well, sometimes Grace’s inability to say what she means in this second language causes her to over emphasise what she is trying to describe. 311 more words