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Day Trip to Auschwitz

Just about every one who visits Krakow, goes on the day trip to Auschwitz – and these days,  Krakow is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. 5,723 more words


Social Space Phenomena: The Second Path

I.   Individual manifestation

[a] A case of Holocaust survivors:

I have  a list of six Holocaust survivors who became very successful writers after they survived the Holocaust. 536 more words


The Finale

The destruction of human empathy and psychology is exemplified through the actions of the Jewish prominents. The significance of humanity is addressed throughout Primo Levi’s story but is expressed differently as the novel progresses towards its completion. 463 more words


How Man Becomes Monster

The psychological and emotional effects of suffering in Auschwitz are witnessed through the destruction of human strength and sympathy throughout Primo Levi’s novel “Survival in Auschwitz”. 615 more words


Vizio di forma: la fantatecnologia di Primo Levi in cinque incontri tra scienza e letteratura

Le swimmer Silvia Bencivelli, Beatrice Mautino e Daniela Ovadia contribuiranno ad animare tre delle cinque serate del ciclo di incontri che il Centro internazionale di studi Primo Levi organizza a Torino dall’8 ottobre al 12 novembre 2014 presso il Circolo dei Lettori (Via Bogino 8, Torino), con il patrocinio di SWIM. 203 more words


Making the Business of the Holocaust Personal

Something to think about: How does Primo Levi’s detached tone make his non-fictional account of the Holocaust powerful in comparison a more involved tone in other works? 576 more words


10 Quotes That Capture The Human Experience

This semester, I’m studying abroad in the Middle East. Navigating the differences in cultural norms and the language barrier has been an adventure in itself. But what has surprised me most about my experience here are the underlying similarities I see between myself and the people here, despite our divergent histories, languages, and lifestyles. 507 more words