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Favourite Poems

Do you have a favourite poem? There are plenty to choose from, whether you prefer Wordsworth or Pam Ayres.

One of my favourites is Primo Levi’s ‘To My Friends’. 321 more words

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Primo & Pimple

9 July 2014

Dear Max,

I’ve been re-reading Survival In Auschwitz (wonderful!) and thinking about my pimple (terrible!) and wondering if this is all wrong. 632 more words


A Tranquil Star

Author: Primo Levi, Ann Goldstein (translator), Alessandra Bastagli (translator)

Type: Fiction, short stories

Published: 1988

I read it: January 2013

This collection is a bit uneven, which I suppose is to be expected. 115 more words

Other People's Trades

Author: Primo Levi

Type: Non-fiction, essays

Published: 1985

I read it: September 2009

Primo Levi is a great read because he is a great writer because he is great at life. 80 more words

If This is a Man/The Truce by Primo Levi

I’ve read If This is a Man and The Truce by Primo Levi. They are both extraordinary but If This is a Man, the account of Levi’s eleven months in Auschwitz, is completely mind-blowing. 325 more words


A good old quote

Today I’ve decided, even though I’m a little frightened of being mocked and sounding cheesy, to share my five favorite and precious quotations. I’ll share them and describe them separately. 671 more words

Reading Italian Science Fiction

The latest issue of ReadingItaly is dedicated to Italian science fiction. It contains a brief history of science fiction in Italy (the term ‘fantascienza… 53 more words

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