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The Secret To Finding "The One"

When it comes to finding “The One,” there’s something that matters MORE than good looks, a good job, and a good sense of humor. Researchers say the secret to a lasting relationship is simple: you need to have similar character traits. 257 more words


What's wrong with me?

Hey guys:)

These past two weeks have been pretty stressful and eventful. I had been planning our homnecoming dance(which was on the 19th, last friday). I fucking hate being in Student Council, I want to quit. 335 more words

Little Voices

Prince Charming is buried next to his dad in a little cemetery not far from the little housing development where we grew up – and where his mom still lives and my family still lives. 260 more words


Because love is stronger than pride

When being in love, I do many stupid things… stupid if we take the definition based on mind’s standards and logic… based on my soul standards, they are wonderful… I created in time moments that I will never forget and even after years they are still making me smile.  296 more words


The Truth Shall Set You Free...

rule number one: just tell the truth

this is a such a ridiculously obvious premise, it almost seems silly to have to mention it – but one must leave no stone unturned, right?

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Starting Over

I'm a girl...I can still ask you out, right? Is that weird? Oh. Oops.

This past Friday I finally had a date with the guy I really liked for about six months, who also happens to live in Pennsylvania. I don’t fall for people very often..but when I do, I fall HARD. 442 more words

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This past Friday I finally had a date with the guy I really liked for about six months, who also happens to live in Pennsylvania. I don’t fall for people very often..but when I do, I fall HARD. We’re talking send-a-care-package-in-the-mail-just-because-you-have-a-busy-semester kind of hard. And folks, it went horribly on Friday. I’ve been putting the list of things in my head that made this night turn into a similar scenario to the bombing of Pearl Harbor (maybe I’m a bit dramatic..but here it is): a) I cared way too much about how he felt when I’d take a bite into my food, make a corny joke, or even walk in front of him. b) I asked him on the date, but I didn’t exactly have anything planned. So he had to make all of the decisions…which didn’t please him. c) I got stuck in traffic on the way there and didn’t even show up to his house until 7pm…two hours after he anticipated me to be there. d) Since our relationship was mostly just texting each other, we had entirely different expectations of how each person would act. So everyone, even though all of these disasters happened throughout the date, I somehow….SOMEHOW….really believed it was a good idea to try and kiss him. How do you think that went? You’re absolutely right, it was more awkward than a giraffe when it’s trying to drink water out of a lake (Google-image it). I left and haven’t talked to him since. You know what though? I don’t regret any of it. Who’s to say that girl can’t make the first move? I was tired of wasting my time batting my eyes in front of him waiting for him to ask me out. Who has time for that?! I think people are still taken off guard when girls make the first move, because for the longest time girls weren’t supposed to. We were meant to be the dainty ones that paint our nails and learn how to sew while looking off into the distance awaiting our Prince Charming to appear at our window with a rose and the entire Lord of the Rings dvd collection. Even in a society where women can educate, be CEOs, run for office, and be single parents…we’re still looked at as strange or desperate or even crazy when we make the first move. And why does it make us crazy or desperate to go after what we want? It’s not like I’m asking for much. In the words of Hannah Horvath from the show Girls, “I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me.”

When Prince Charming turns into Prince Harming

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. Meet a guy and everything just seems too good to be true…..he’s attentive, he’s complimentary, and then all of a sudden there are slight comments or suggestions about your appearance, what you are wearing, your body shape, how you do your hair. 213 more words