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When Princes are TOO Charming

If you’ve read my Month in Books for March, you may have noticed that I didn’t enjoy ‘Cinder’ (Marissa Meyer) as much as I could have. 325 more words

Big Picture

This is not a "GoodBye" but a "See You Later"

I’ve been really absent from this blog for the past month and no matter how much I try to return and post here, my motivation and willpower are against me. 1,437 more words


#OUAT - Once Upon A Time TV Series


I finished this series in just a matter of days. I was basically just sitting in front of my laptop and did nothing. Just like when I was hooked watching The Walking Dead! 364 more words


When your dream man is dreaming about someone else

Ok let’s face it, we all have this illusion that one day we will meet our dream man or woman and live happily ever after. What happens in those awkward situations when we find the person in our dreams only to realize that they weren’t dreaming about us.  417 more words

Dream Man

The frog's no Prince, but I'll marry him

Sometimes a girl may have to kiss a lot of frogs before she finds her prince.

I’m sure the frogs agree. One or two might even be daring enough to use this as a pick-up line. 563 more words

Errant Thoughts

Prince Charming Missing (Attention Females Especially)

Every girl is looking for “Prince Charming”, right? WRONG! Every girl says she is looking for Prince Charming. Some do. Most don’t. Let me preface my point. 446 more words