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Into The Woods - Review

(Narrator) Once upon a time,/ In a far-off kingdom,/ The fairytale mash-up was seditious,/ But now Shrek was much more perspicacious,/ (Cinderella) I wish…/ (Narrator) And in this new movie,/ (Cinderella) More than anything…/ (Narrator) Was Anna Kendrick,/ (Cinderella) More than life… More than jewels…/ (Narrator) And the annoying kid from Les Mis,/ (Jack) I wish… More than life…/ (Narrator) And James Cordon,/ (Baker & wife) I wish…/ (Narrator) And Emily Blunt,/ (Baker) More than anything…/ (Baker’s wife) More than the moon… I wish…/ (Cinderella) To be in a decent movie…/ … 370 more words


Stop Chasing The One

From the day we are born our romantic lives are premeditated. Disney films give us the idea that there is that special, handsome Prince waiting to sweep us off our feet in our time of need. 550 more words

Mr. Italiano or how to pull pasta over girl’s eyes at a tram stop

A few weeks after I moved to Prague my Prince Charming was still not there. So, once upon a time there was this crystal ball … Or, no, wait. 867 more words


Can You 'Ear' Me Now?

The Jaycee Center offered up two more potential Prince Charmings for Deedee’s and my approval. Luckily for them our approval wasn’t all that hard to win. 416 more words


Sleeping Beauty

Ah fairy tales! aren’t they lovely, but they are just that, fairy tales. Prince Charming thought sleeping beauty was lovely laying there sleeping peacefully.  He didn’t realise that really he wandering through the forest, after getting up early (had to be early there were birds twittering and little animals out for breakfast) that his beautiful damsel wasn’t poisoned at all, but just liked to sleep late.   453 more words

Breast Cancer

A Panto Star is Born

You may recall Mike’s post about Colin’s acting debut in his comedy role as the Humbug. Well, this evening, Mike performed his first ever stage role as Prince Charming, husband of Cinderella, in our SFS Panto,  109 more words


Easy as 1.23

WooHoo! Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary! I picked this date so that my husband, Steve, could remember it. (It can’t get much easier than 1-2-3.) I am a numbers person and he isn’t. 379 more words