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I was, and still am, crazy because
I believed in you.
I knew you could rise to mountainous heights -
be the controller of the world, 228 more words


Ugly Bug Ball

A true Prince Charming will look past an exploded boil and ugly hair cut to see the Cinderella hiding deep inside.

Kathy and I drove to Hudson Falls High in her Rambler. 799 more words


So I've been told...

I found this one amusing, made me chuckle… Shout out to all of the smart, independent, beautiful women out there :)

Disney Princes: Every Girl's Dream?

Just like toy store, as you walk into a bookstore, you would find shelves of pretty barbie pink books and other shelves of books with the blues, blacks, greens, reds etc. 399 more words



I know that you’ve all been waiting on baited breath for when I start writing in this thing again.. “Ooooo, has she found her prince charming?”; “has she been swept off of her feet by some dashing young man and been too busy being wooed to write on this thing?”; “has she gotten hit by a bus?”… 116 more words

Insecurity Through Beauty

How many of us could really, honestly deal with Prince Charming (or Princess)?

We all know that moment, no matter where or when it happens. You go to steal a peek at the cute stranger and find him already looking at you. 769 more words