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Hear me out ladies ..

Okay, so I’m sitting here at the hair salon listening to women that range from business women to strippers and the one thing that they all have in common is… 239 more words


Charlie's Discoveries: I Ask you out on an Email

Last week, I asked someone out. On a date. Via email. Yes I did (I’m badass like that). 649 more words

Charlie's Discoveries

23 Times Snow and Charming Proved to be Great Parents

Even though they missed the first 28 years of her life, Snow and Charming have helped make up for missing out on Emma’s life since they have met her and after Sunday’s episode, “The Apprentice,” we saw just how much they were like…parents. 336 more words

Once Upon A Time


I was, and still am, crazy because
I believed in you.
I knew you could rise to mountainous heights -
be the controller of the world, 228 more words


Ugly Bug Ball

A true Prince Charming will look past an exploded boil and ugly hair cut to see the Cinderella hiding deep inside.

Kathy and I drove to Hudson Falls High in her Rambler. 799 more words


So I've been told...

I found this one amusing, made me chuckle… Shout out to all of the smart, independent, beautiful women out there :)