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Bippity Boppity Boo!

Sooo a trailer was released for the new Disney live-action movie, Cinderella, out in theaters March 2015. My initial reaction to the trailer was that I picked out all of the actors that I recognized and the film, if I do say, has quite a cast. 199 more words

Can't Hardly Wait: Cinderella and her Singing Mice

Just as I was going about my day yesterday, something awesome happened.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw that finally, finally, there’s a full trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action  372 more words

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"I will always find you.."

Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected from God. Whether it’s the sleep deprivation, the hours on the bus/train, the hours learning and studying, I find myself continuously feeling spiritually empty. 391 more words

The Ultimate Cinderella Movie

Since 2012, we’ve been able to reconnect with our favourite Disney characters. For those who grew up wishing to be a princess, the last few years renewed your dreams. 290 more words


Movies I'm Looking Forward To: Cinderella

Disney’s new live-action version of Cinderella finally has a trailer! If you haven’t heard the news, Disney has adapted another one of their classic animated movies into a live-action film for March 2015. 424 more words


Queen Lillian - Burbank, CA

Queen Lillian is the fabled evil queen from the Snow White tale who now resides in the 20th century at 427 Van Oakland Boulevard in Van Oaks (Burbank), California on the ABC fantasy comedy THE CHARMINGS (1987-88). 404 more words


Disney’s Cinderella Official Trailer premiere

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And this is just the trailer! We can’t wait to see what the film offers. With a focus on kindness, Aussie actress Cate Blanchett, who portrays Lady Tremaine, is in complete contrast to this message. 186 more words