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True Love Turned Out to be Prince Charming

Love…my eye.

It may have had all the appearances of this word, but behind the scenes, it was more of a rescue mission.

He was not head over heals, but more of a Prince Charming who found Cinderella’s heel and went on a search to carry her away, to another life, away from her dismal surroundings. 511 more words

Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: O


Truth be told, I could do an entire A to Z blog challenge on BioWare characters alone.

(Oh yes, there are more to come.) 503 more words
Meli Landry

The Unknown

What is it about the unknown that intrigues us so?

It didn’t take much to excite me. Your words were all I needed really. But would you blame me? 421 more words

Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: N


I don’t really even have to say anything. Do I? Could we end this post right here, right now, and everyone would be clear as to why this man is the… 331 more words

Meli Landry

Prince Charming (Singled Out, Volume 1, Parts 1 to 7)

Post by Joyce

About one and a half years ago, my sister and I started Singled Out, a webcomic based on daily conversations I’ve had with Ayen and Iya. 353 more words


The Standby Girl

Well I know we’ve all had the experience of being a standby girl. We fall for that one guy who is fine,makes us laugh,he is a good cook and next thing we are already imagining ourself and the boy going out and all. 146 more words


Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: M


I know what you’re thinking. “But she’s a girl.”

Seriously, though. Let’s get down to business.

Series/Book/Movie: Mulan

Who She Loved: Her family. 409 more words

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