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Once Upon A Time

I finished my jigsaw!! It took me 2 days but i did it and i even beat my own record for making a 1000 piece jigsaw. 233 more words

The reality of it all..

Growing up we, as young girls, watch Disney movies fantasizing about our “true love” and our magical wedding day. Those movies make us believe everything is a fairy tale, every girl is a princess who will be swept off her feet by a young handsome prince and everything is all happy-go-lucky and they are your soulmate. 462 more words

Welcome To Ever After Luxury Wedding Blog

Welcome to Ever After Luxury Wedding Blog!  I married my Prince Charming April 2013 and ever since I have been in love with all the enchanted details that go into making every little girls dream wedding the start of her happily ever after!  62 more words

We Are Family feat. The Charming Family

In honor of watching the season 2 premiere, “Broken,” here is one special clip from that episode. 66 more words

Once Upon A Time

How Could I Want More

Music is one of the most incredible forms of expression. The poetic way with which people arrange notes together in just the right key at just the right tempo to convey any and every emotion fascinates me. 502 more words

Magic is Coming!--1x22 Recap

We have arrived at the end of season one, and if I do say so myself, probably the best episode of the season.  It ended on such a great note and made waiting for season 2 that much more painful. 1,551 more words

Once Upon A Time