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Missing my prince

I been missing my little prince like crazy! But there is both happy and sad news. Jack and Amanda is coming back home tomorrow. Happy news! 125 more words

Wednesday Words – Do Not Marry a Tall Guy


Marrying a tall guy is like marrying your Prince Charming, but even Mr. Charming comes into your life with pros and cons…. remember snow white’s love struggle. 480 more words


One Week to Go and a Price Drop!

Once upon a time, way back in 2009, John Peck and Harry Heckel decided to write a book about a fairytale gone wrong.

In one week, that book will be published as  500 more words

Airing my dirty laundry, again

Something that has always irritated me as an adult was mom telling me that “she did her best with me” while I was growing up. I’ve written about my deadbeat dad but I’ve never really talked about my mom other than moving around a lot. 287 more words

What's in a name?---Charming Style

Yesterday, I watched one of my favorite episodes “Snow Falls”

Basically, this is the episode where it is discovered how Snow and “Charming” met.  What I love about this episode is that there is so much more depth to their story then we saw in the Disney film version.   83 more words

Once Upon A Time

Beauty Still Sleeps

My horse and I have traveled
Over miles of mountain and glen
Slaying dragons, wooing ladies,
And then doing it all again.

We fought our way to this castle… 108 more words