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The real world of Anne of Green Gables

I have loved this book since I was knee high to a grasshopper, yet I only just discovered that the location is more real than imaginary! 43 more words

Point Prim Lighthouse

As fall finally settles into my bones on PEI, and since I offered a teaser about Point Prim Lighthouse in my last post, here are some more reminders of summer on Prince Edward Island. 107 more words


I'm in PEI!

Nash and I are currently in Prince Edward Island for my best friend’s wedding next weekend. We had a little bit of time to explore over the past few days, so here’s what we did so far. 206 more words


Yep, the East Coast is still wonderful. I checked.

My time exploring this country, in all its beauty (imperfect, tree-and-rock-and-tree based beauty, but beauty nonetheless), is far from over. Last week, I found myself on the East Coast of Canada once again. 332 more words


Farm Life Part 2

Starting to get busy!

I worked 46 hours last week, definitely the most hours I have ever worked in any job for one week. It wasn’t so bad either, the time flew by. 280 more words



Thanksgiving is a special holiday celebrated in North America.  Some people here have been quite surprised to hear that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but if you think about the origins of Thanksgiving it makes sense. 597 more words

Prince Edward Island

Cool news!

I just found out this morning that the quilt I made for the CQA traveling quilt show ‘ PEI, A World of Colour’ SOLD before the quilts even went on display!! 49 more words

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