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Critter encounters on our temporary release from Whittier

We had arrived in Whittier, one of the strangest and wettest places I’ve ever been, on August 7 meaning to wait out a storm and do chores.  1,045 more words

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Wetter in Whittier: Where's my upside-down snorkel??

In my last post about Prince William Sound, I wrote about the benefits of sailing without cruising guides: wonderful unexpected places and experiences.  But you also run the risk that the unexpected might turn out badly, as I hinted was the case for us in Whittier.  1,238 more words

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So cold

This is The Columbia Glacier one of the largest tidewater glaciers in Alaska. I took this in Prince William Sound, Alaska from the yacht, Lu-Lu Belle. lulubelletours.com/


Stunning Anchorages in Prince William Sound

It was mid-afternoon when we left Columbia Glacier, so instead of trying to make any progress westward we decided to anchor in a cove on nearby Glacier Island.  1,119 more words

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Prince William Sound: Columbia Glacier

Swinging to our anchor in calm and wooded Snug Corner Cove, we didn’t have much desire to move on the morning after our arrival (August 3).  1,230 more words

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