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Attention: Leave my childhood alone.

Growing up as kids, the majority of us got lost in Disney movies from time to time. We sang along to Hakuna Matata. We were immersed on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin and Jasmine. 691 more words


Working with Jasmine.

It all started the fall of 1997 when I met a gal in college that everyone called Princess Jasmine. Now that may simply be because many of them (like myself) were a bunch of white people and when they saw this beautiful young lady with a flawless dark caramel complexion, the Disney princess was the first character to come to mind. 338 more words

I Wish I Owned This Movie!

Ever since the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin was announced, I have been wanting to watch the movie! Unfortunately, it’s one of the few Disney movies that I don’t already own.  163 more words

Daily Disney




And here’s yesterday’s! Finally. I hate updating on my phone because of my horribly mangled screen and the potential autocorrects that can come of it but it appears I have no choice today! 12 more words



I just wrote an entire post for this and then accidentally exited the page.

Not retyping it.

But here are some cat photos to make up for it: 22 more words




Floppy hats for the win!



Friday’s picture! You lot should know by now (it has been almost 150 days) that I tend to fall behind on my posts over the weekends. 27 more words