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Revelation: People over Principle

The second in my Revelation series.


Principles. Principally a principle is held to guide and remind not to be clobbered and mined to find the deeper depths and red tape to remind the people’s who’s minds have wandered, trailing behind. 305 more words


Heya guys, thanks to an incredibly full two weeks at Soul Survivor Week C and Momentum (Two Christian festivals, the former aimed at youth and the latter at students/20’s/30’s – both highly recommended) I didn’t manage to put out two of the things I intended to before I went. 229 more words


Present State Of Mind

My whimsical spirit is ready to be poured.
I’m wondering if I have the right to be bored.
I don’t know if its wrong to adapt. 23 more words


Like Attracts Like

If I want to be loved… I must be loving.

If I want to be understood… I must be understanding.

If I want to be respected… I must be respecting. 68 more words

Principle For The Week: The Weak Carries The Strong, futile or not?

So I’ve had this running in my head but kept postponing it for reasons I should certainly not bore you with.

Principle For The Week has not come up in a while and I’m not proud of myself. 318 more words

Principle For The Week

How to not age: a genuine anti ageing policy.

Years may wrinkle the skin

But lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the Soul

Spend less time and money on cosmetics & appearance (in every area) … they’re mainly a complete bollocks waste of time and money… 8 more words

What Matters?

Dr. von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Alchemy Gothic Ring

In fine English pewter and solid brass, a beautiful rendition of an ancient gothic pattern which may, or may not, mean more than it seems. Approximately 1/2″ wide. 315 more words