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Like Attracts Like

If I want to be loved… I must be loving.

If I want to be understood… I must be understanding.

If I want to be respected… I must be respecting. 68 more words

Principle For The Week: The Weak Carries The Strong, futile or not?

So I’ve had this running in my head but kept postponing it for reasons I should certainly not bore you with.

Principle For The Week has not come up in a while and I’m not proud of myself. 318 more words

Principle For The Week

How to not age: a genuine anti ageing policy.

Years may wrinkle the skin

But lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the Soul

Spend less time and money on cosmetics & appearance (in every area) … they’re mainly a complete bollocks waste of time and money… 8 more words

What Matters?

Dr. von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Alchemy Gothic Ring

In fine English pewter and solid brass, a beautiful rendition of an ancient gothic pattern which may, or may not, mean more than it seems. Approximately 1/2″ wide. 315 more words

YAGNI principle in programmation

For the sake of perfection, when you code, you regularly plan features that could be added to your software in a close future.

But, this approach has many inconvenients: 120 more words

Extreme Programming


A little while back I spotted a Facebook musicians wanted ad, which I think was already old then, for singers for a gospel choir – specifying they had to be black. 343 more words

Dirty Mind

Especially dedicated to my self loving husband, using words that he uttered;

It is my rights
I am to be pleased
I have earned every ounce of it… 101 more words