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Oh, CRAP and Pixel Art!!

Look at the CRAP. Look at it. LOOK AT IT! It’s beautiful…
Oh. You thought I meant crap as in…crap? No! I meant CRAP as in: 692 more words


When in doubt remember.... CRAP

This week in media production we talked about the principle of design or C.R.A.P. (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity) I guess you could say this weeks lecture was full of CRAP, since we spent the majority of the hour applying those principles to various posters and ads. 282 more words

RTA 103

Design Principles



Off Balance

Color Contrast









Value Contrast


Principles Of Design

Realm of points, lines, planes, volumes

What a wonderful world – the kingdom of points, lines, planes and volumes. Thoroughly integrated, none exist without the other. Its amusing to isolate the layer of each and find them appearing invariably all around us. 75 more words

Elements Of Design

Week 3- Principles of Design in the World

1. Line and Directional movement- An outside railing bends and twists with the concrete. The eye Naturally follows the rail along the page.

2. … 134 more words

Elements/Principles of Design in Life

1. Railing – Line, Rhythm

The metal work is very repetitive and focuses on strong, straight lines.

2. Candy Machine – color, balance

The machine is relatively symmetrical and the candies offer an assortment of color. 159 more words


Principles of Design

Last week, I blogged about the Elements of Design and so this week I’ll be focusing on the Principles.  If you found last week’s blog interesting and informative, then keep reading! 864 more words

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