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Principles of Design

Last week, I blogged about the Elements of Design and so this week I’ll be focusing on the Principles.  If you found last week’s blog interesting and informative, then keep reading! 864 more words

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The Principles of Design Expressed in Cut Paper

For her Senior Thesis at Dokuz Eylul University of Fine Arts in Turkey, student artist Efil Türk illustrated key design principles using an incredibly old-school technique—cut paper collage. 11 more words

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The perceptive elements: direction, size, texture, colour, value.

These elements of design that I like to call ‘the perceptive elements’ are not as objective as the previously discussed elements. I say as such because the observation of such are often influenced by the perceptive interpretation by one’s mind, which is culmination of lifetime of personalised events and visual experiences. 921 more words


Improving your photos with principles and elements of design: points, lines, and shapes

This is truly exciting. The days of making your photos suck less is behind us. Today, we are going to take the next step in  861 more words