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Principle of Design: Opposition

Expressionism is great, but let’s take a break!

This semester I am (finally!) in more art classes. One of my classes is about design and color, and our first assignment is to come up with thumbnails showing the principle of design called… 438 more words


Repetition | Using Odd Numbers | More About Composition

As far as principles of design go, I have to say I am a big fan of repetition. Defined as repeating¬†visual elements, exactly or with a slight variation… 159 more words

Rustic Yellow Art book

The binding style I used was Japanese binding hard cover. As I worked on the art-book, I wanted to keep it simple. I used an old yellow shirt that I never wear anymore for the front and back covers of the book. 20 more words

Non- Timebased

Book Final

For my final, I created another art book. This one is an example of various art elements and principles. Some elements placed in this book are line, shape, value, space and color. 33 more words


Principles of Design 12

Today, I’ve coded part of our website for this assignment. After quite a struggle to get to a good structure, we’ve finally got something everyone agrees with. 132 more words

Principles Of Design

Principles of Design 11

Color contrast by science

Arthur & Passini described in their book Wayfinding from 1992 a reliable calculating method to calculate the contrast difference between two colors. 98 more words

Principles Of Design