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Born to be Brave

This was my shot of the day at Pride Parade in Toronto this summer. The little boy, enthralled by the “Fairy Princess”, (just look at the rapture on his face), broke the barrier to give her a hug. 853 more words

Step 8: Brotherly Love

Day 30 - The real battle begins


I feel weak but I have to be strong. This time, I’ll make sure that I really do the right thing. I know you’re doing yours so let me do my part properly. 251 more words

Dishonesty Has Become an Acceptable Way of Life for Our Society

Having read “What a 12 Year Old Has in Common With a Plagiarizing U.S. Senator,” it is evident that the deeper issue here is one of honesty and integrity – the lack of it – being part of the fundamental principles that parents teach to and reinforce with consequences for their children. 317 more words

Thinking Out Loud In All The Strange Hours

Constructive Confidentiality in Mediation

To me, confidentiality is a concept that is integral to both the theory and the practice of mediation. Why? Confidentiality contributes to participants’ self-assurance which is a catalyst for broad, thorough and frank exploration of issues ‘without fear or favour’; good faith negotiations in the best interests of all. 1,739 more words


(07/30/2014) Divine Law Speaks of Spirit?

Today, more points are shared on idolatry, murder, human relationships, and the Ten Commandments.

THE BATTLE AXE:  Divine Law for Mankind? (07/29/2014)—(5.)  The widely held idea that the Ten Commandments and all divine law pertains only to attitudes, behavior and conduct derives from operations of the flesh (e.g., appetite, sensation, and emotional/mental functions).  1,334 more words


A Cultural Journey - Eden Alternative®

By Rev. Tim Reichard, director of pastoral care, Masonic Village at Sewickley

The director team at the Masonic Village at Sewickley started the Eden Alternative® journey in 2008, when we met to prepare for the cultural changes to come, and were certified as an Eden facility in 2010. 423 more words

From Growing To Golden