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The star

Blows up

The cover

I sit in wonder

But how to apply

These principles

Legal ethics - aren't ethical.

“Principles are the simplicity on the far side of complexity.” Stephen R Covey.

The legal system is a poor example of principles in action, even though you will often hear it quoted as such. 288 more words



So what the hell you fighting for? Others?
My reason for fighting is for myself.
If your desire is to fulfill the ideal of not hurting anyone, then do as you wish. 199 more words

You CAN tell the future.

“We are free to choose our actions, but we are not free to choose the consequences of these actions.” Stephen R Covey

And that quote is the fundamental rationale for the imposition of self-discipline and self-denial. 184 more words


You Know Who You Are

I know about your lies.

I know of your fun.

Remove your guise

before you run.

I know your game.

But it is time to put away toys. 103 more words


Doing things I Don't Usually Do

With a chuckle and a deep breath of crisp, clear air, I mused ” What am I doing’??..I don’t usually do this things..!! whoaaaa!

..eating foods that I don’t usually eat.. 101 more words

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