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Reclaiming Independence through Independents

Or: We’re Sick and Tired of Common Sense Ideas tossed off as “non-starters!”

October 17, 2014 could have been a bit of a watershed for readers of the Washington Post. 1,078 more words


Scaling 'Grease the Groove'

In my last post about the “Grease the Groove” (GTG) concept, I discussed some of the basics of how to use this powerful tool to help speed up your skill and strength development. 641 more words



Time for God?

Even as a preacher’s kid I never really thought of myself as spiritual. I believed in God and a few good principles such as “Do unto others… ” I was particularly intrigued by Einstein’s observation that “God doesn’t play dice… ” God didn’t become an important part of my life until I learned to carefully look and listen. 26 more words


Born to Keep Fit From Stockton Says 'Born to,' Series is For The Health Enthusiasts

 Born to Keep Fit from Stockton Says ‘Born to,’ series is for the health enthusiasts who feel they were indeed born to keep fit. We don’t need to lecture on the benefits of ‘BEING FIT,’ and keeping healthy, as we have all heard this speech time and time again and it must be a choice that each individual makes on their own. 253 more words

Born To

Things to Avoid 14: Sloppiness (戒苟且)


List of Things to Avoid::Sloppiness
Sloppiness should not be tolerated for any task, including matters of gastronomy. Cooks are uncultured people of lowly up-bringing, thus if one does not properly reward or punish them, they will begin taking short-cuts and become negligent of their culinary duties.[1] Should you willingly ingest the barely cooked vegetables you were served today, you can be sure it will be served raw to you tomorrow.

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Some Thoughts About Facts From Anonymous

“An opinion is usually a prejudice with a few unrelated facts.”

“Getting the facts is only half the job; the other half is to use them intelligently.” 38 more words