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Money, mansions & mendacity: Kong's "integrity" on show

We wonder what Phil Pringle would make of this. He must be horrified that Kong Hee, his star pupil, has used his “anointing” for evil rather than good. 574 more words


Chicken Controversy Taken to Court in Luzerne County

SWOYERSVILLE — The battle between three women who own backyard hens and Luzerne County zoning and planning officials was taken to a district courtroom on Monday. 297 more words


Kong's controversial email in court exposes Phil Pringle as a false prophet

What was a “big factor” for Kong Hee and Sun Ho to go to China?

“Finally, it was a word given by Phil Pringle to Sun privately in May 2005 that gave them clarity to their path. 874 more words


single as a pringle

Yep, that’s me. Except pringles come in packs of, what, fifty? They’re not the singlest.

It’s weird. My first relationship ever lasted almost three years. I’m glad it ended. 540 more words


The leaky ship reveals leaky trip

Channel News Asia reports,

Five City Harvest Church leaders on trial met to discuss their defence

SINGAPORE: Five of the six City Harvest Church leaders had met at least once in 2013 to discuss their defence, according to an email chain highlighted by the prosecution in court on Thursday (Aug 7).  1,262 more words

Kong Hee

Well, Triston is my eldest nephew and he always showed interest in photography since he was a little boy, in fact, he likes taking the pictures but in this instance, I chose to take pictures of him.

44 more words

Battle Over Backyard Chickens In Luzerne County

PRINGLE — Some backyard chickens are at the center of a controversy in Luzerne County and one homeowner is crying “fowl.”

After planting a garden in her backyard in Pringle, Christine Dixon got an idea from a neighbor across the street to get fresh eggs every day. 299 more words