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What is a Resistor

A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. This means that they don’t generate power but only consume it. 443 more words


Attiny85 PCB Rev B Preview

Moving along with some revisions to my first two PCB designs, I’m working on some changes to the Attiny85 programmer & breakout board. The following is sort of a mock up as I’m just trying to figure out the form of the board right now. 209 more words


Which Printed Circuit Board Services to Hire?

Every electronic item whether it is a computer, mobile phone or automotive electic product needs PCBs. If you are in electronic related business, you need to manufacture or hire manufacturing services for these boards. 283 more words

Printed Circuit Board Services

74HC595 Breakout PCB Small Update

In my previous post, I talked about how I assembled my first PCB that came in and that the Attiny85 programmer/breakout design works great. Unfortunately, the 74HC595 shift register breakout does not. 205 more words


1st PCB assembled!

Earlier today, I received my first PCBs in the mail. I assembled one of the boards so I can finally see what they look like put together and to see if they work.The size of the boards are actually smaller than I envisioned them. 168 more words


My 1st PCBs in the house!

The boards that I designed a while ago have arrived! See the other post I just made about the service from DirtyPCBs where these are from.At this point, I’m just excited to show off the PCBs to you. 87 more words