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say. what

say again. say what? what what what? exactly. what. what? in wood again, but not too big, and looking at the shapes choose one and it might be fun in spanishish, well at least add the leading question mark what is that called (but isn’t it a good idea to let you know what’s coming?) except oh there’s only one question mark. 146 more words


Project Shapeoko | Open Source CNC

If you can tighten a bolt, you can assemble Shapeoko. The closest you’ll come to fabricating during the assembly process is tapping the rails.

via Project Shapeoko.


UPS and 3D Printing – UPS Expanding In 3D Printing Nationwide

Now small business owners, inventors, entrepreneurs and consumers across the country will have access to top-notch 3D printing services. A professional grade 3D printer designed to accurately and reliably produce complex engineering parts, prototypes, and one of a kind objects is now going to be found in another 100 locations. 6 more words

UPS using more 3D printers

ATLANTA, Ga. — UPS is putting 3D printers in about 100 more of its stores.

The delivery company says it is trying to lure small businesses and convince consumers it’s easier to use their 3D printers instead of purchasing one of their own. 19 more words


Business Lessons From The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is considered an American classic. Its recent film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio has only increased its popularity. Few students in North America made it through high school without reading the book, and the film only helped to bring the images of decadence to life. 478 more words


Praises for tracing paper

Lately, I’ve become fond of tracing paper. It may have something to do with childhood memories of working with it in elementary school? or was it later, in college? 244 more words