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Savants, Peer Review, and Self-Publishing in 18th-century France

In her invited contribution to the theme of Publication, Marie-Claude Felton offers thoughts about the history of peer review and self-publishing. She recently completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, where she studied the publishing activities of marginal scientists. 1,115 more words

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3D Printing Doubts – 5 More Reasons 3D Printing Will Fail - 3D Printing Hype

Widespread consumer adoption will depend on 3D printers dropping in price. Currently, printers less than $1,000 use a DIY-style kit that requires assembly of the machine itself and they often don’t replicate the CAD designs accurately. 32 more words

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Orion Nebula or Bust's Very First Printing!

I’m proud to share with you another first print of  ‘Orion Nebula or Bust.”

This is printed on a pink cotton t-shirt and I can’t wait to wear it! 47 more words

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