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3D Printing Doubts – 5 More Reasons 3D Printing Will Fail - 3D Printing Hype

Widespread consumer adoption will depend on 3D printers dropping in price. Currently, printers less than $1,000 use a DIY-style kit that requires assembly of the machine itself and they often don’t replicate the CAD designs accurately. 32 more words

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Orion Nebula or Bust's Very First Printing!

I’m proud to share with you another first print of  ‘Orion Nebula or Bust.”

This is printed on a pink cotton t-shirt and I can’t wait to wear it! 47 more words

Layan kaki pancing

Dah lama siap baju nie.. Tp tak sempat nak upload…


Another Proud Mom Moment....On Seeing My Little Mr. Toad in Print for the First Time.

I’m happy to say the the very first mug printing of my stubborn little toad, ‘A Defiant Sir’ is in!

I’m impressed with the printing and quality of the mug. 58 more words

* EASY Easter Egg Printing *

Here is a cute Easter art idea if your kiddo would like to make something for family or friends.  All you need is Spring coloured paint, paper or a canvas, and a few toilet paper rolls.   243 more words