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"I can't have this hanging over us:" Father takes matters into his own hands after daughter bullied over Snapchat

WARNING: There is extremely strong language used in this video that is not appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

MINNESOTA (WITI) — A Minnesota father has taken matters into his own hands after learning his eighth-grade daughter has been the victim of bullying over Snapchat. 561 more words


Dad posts Snapchats to expose bullies, then learns his teen also used racist language

Warning: This post contains language some readers may find offensive. Discretion is advised. 

TORONTO – In a YouTube video that’s been seen by more than a million people since being posted four days ago, an emotional Minnesota dad plays racist, bullying videos that he says were sent to his adopted African-American daughter by other teens. 617 more words


Prep Blog: Friday's Top High School Match-Ups

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s hard to believe that we’re getting closer to the end of January, which means conference races in several winter sports are beginning to take shape. 907 more words


Bullying in Minnesota: In the news again & a look back

WHO AMONG YOU has been bullied?

If I could see you all, I expect many a hand would rise.

Both my arms would be waving wildly, high above my head. 583 more words

Self Suggestive Observations

We did remember a time when people stood for what they believed.

There was strength in numbers as we together rallied our cry.

Standing on street corners, waving banners, asking for a voice… 205 more words


Father of alleged Snapchat bullies is fired

Update 1: Since this story was posted, The Puro family has issued an apology on behalf of Deron Puro. Click here to read the update. 262 more words


Video: A MN father's emotional response to his daughter being bullied

“I can’t have this hanging over us, and my daughter thinking the worst, and something could happen,” a shaken father says in the video above. 405 more words